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Well this is my first entry in my journal on Travbuddy.com. So the Holidays are almost over and I have had a wonderful time visiting my family here in the United States. To bring everybody up to speed, I moved to Fortaleza, Brasil back in July 2009. I have been traveling to Brasil for almost 4 years and wouldn't have guess that I would end up moving to Fortaleza over a major city like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  However the city is more than meets the eye. I been here a few months now and still have a lot more to see and learn about it.

In other news, it might be safe for me to say that I will be spending some extra time working out to knock off the multiple eating sprees that followed days after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yeah when you on a beach crowded with Sexy, the pressure remains high. But then again I see plenty of guys with Keg-like-stomachs strolling with some of the prettiest women around Fortaleza.  Don't want to give the wrong impression but even if you don't have that 6 pack yet, you will damn near want to curve some in, once you hit the warm sands.

Today is the day that I am returning back to "my new" home in Fortaleza. I wanted to return earlier, but this still works out fine to make it back to celebrate bringing in a New Year. At some point over the years the destination where I brought in New Years wasn't a big deal. Back in 2000 I got a desire to bring  the New Years in New York's Time Square. I was excited but didn't know if it was going to happen. At the time i was doing some private contracting work in Boston, MA. At the last minute, a couple of guys from the crew decided they wanted to go as well and we headed to New York. It was a blast; all the people and the energy was something. Once we arrived on the scene, I knew there wasn't going to be any Y2K and that the lights were going to be burning all night with almost 2 million people gathered; if I remember the numbers correctly. And boy did they burn all night! Security was top-notch so I felt at peace while me and my friends walked through the streets with our very own bottle of Champagne....I think over half the people there had some type of Bottle and was engaged in refilling family, friends, or a close stranger's  cup with liquid happiness.  I wasn't big on Champagne then, but I think I grab me a bottle of Korbel.

It's been 10 years since that historic moment of bringing in New Years in New York City, instead of watching the ball drop on TV. True be told, some years I would have to watch the replays since me and my family would do the whole church thing; and then we would feast like Kings and Queens. Since then I have brought in New Years in a number of Cities depending where i was living at the time, but that's another story. By the time I made my first visit to Brasil in early 2006, that same spark that had me drooling to get to New York was back. It took me a year to gather the information I needed and to learn enough of the language. So the big moment was finally here: December 31, 2007 ready to wake up to a New Year in a New Country.....and the clock stuck 12.......stay tuned
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