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WHAT UP INDEPENDENCE! I made a couple of screaming noises as I walk towards the check-in. I think it helped allieviate some nerves. Somehow I thought myself incapable of the simple process of check in->security->money exchange. I've never been away alone so it all symbolized something larger for me....even the small movements of putting my flip flops in a basket and walking barefoot through the metal detector was magnified. I'm brimming over with something new - a little fear, a little sadness, and a lot of chaotic overwhelming excitement followed by a smooth aftertaste. As if this is the way I was meant to feel. With my carry on in hand, riding escalators to the gate, the open ceiling revealed the enormity of the blue sky; so bright and expansive...enticing me to let it swallow me whole and bring me where it may, to glide around the edge of infinity. I'll let it take me. I'll resign heedless anxiety for the gift of clear sight.

The temperature is warmer than most flights - that may have something to do with the destination being Delhi; which is on average 100 degrees of humidity. I'm hoping I do well with this as my american mind tells me: freedom is air conditioning.. BUT I'm ready to reevaluate what freedom means.  I look at people on my flight, searching for a spark of excitement, another adventurous soul? But it's just a bunch of tired, cranky folks. I feel like I have a secret.

Every time I get up to pee the Indian man next to me growls angrily. I keep smiling though. I decide to stay stable and stare into books that will hopefully connect me to where I'm going before I even getting there. I'm afraid of missing out on something essential, but I'm sure that'll make me pay attention. I can't wait for that first breath of warm air when I get outside on the other side of the world!

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic