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So I tried to embrace the warm Indian air, but sucked in a gallon of spicy body odor.  It was so potent I thought it must be coming from my own armpit, but no - my B.O. could not hold a candle to that gust.  I was in a zombie trance as I made my way through customs - trying to smile, but knowing my blood shot eyes gave me away.  I found my cab driver rather name was written the biggest so I barely had to focus my bleary eyes; which was nice. He was a cute, fresh-faced, quick-talking guy, Irfan was his name. I could barely understanding his friendly quick talking I did what nice tourists do - nod and giggle. But those motions rarely ever work for any question. So I gave it up and succummed to "WHAAAT?" "HUH?" "SORRY??" The dumb loud american coming through, sweating bullets.  We walked through a tunnel that had the effect of a microwave - and, I, a beefy hot pocket. The Indian men leered at me, forgiving me my red liddy eyes. I wondered when I would hear my first man-hiss.  We came up to a crammed parking lot of rickety tin boxes with wheels. I hopped in a jeep. When the air came on a dusty musky smell blew up at me - it smelled like Jurassic Park. We bounced around down a chaotic road full of people walking far distances with bags of rice on their heads and scarfs on their faces. Young girls walked in clouds of dirt in sparkling little faeries. Stray mutts looked both ways before joining traffic. Irfan asked if I was less nervous now.  I told him I was doing great as my hand felt around for a seatbelt buckle to no avail. A man with one arm came up to my window at the stoplight. His eyes were so full of pain, but he was trying to exploit my monetary compassion. I shook my head the unfriendly direction and he remained there - dark eyes piercing through, trying to wear me down before the light change...I just made it. But I felt bad...wondering if that was some sort of test I failed. 

The Hans hotel is beautiful and I'm in dire need of a luxurious slumber before moving onto something more rugid. Good night.

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic