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Davao City to Bukidnon: At Davao City Overland Bus Terminal (Ecoland)

I woke up at dawn, anxious to get our day long bus trip started.

One of my sister's college friend, Cathy, took a week vacation from work to join me island hopping from Davao City to our last stop, the island of Boracay.

We caught the 8am bus from the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (also known as Ecoland Bus terminal). From there, we took the Agora bus via the route of BuDa (or Bukidnon-Davao) to reach our destination - Bukidnon, some 300km away. Cost ~PhP 500 (approx $10). ETA: 7-8 hours including stops. The bus was air-conditioned.

Davao City to Bukidnon: At Davao City Overland Bus Terminal (Ecoland)
Very comfy.

Before the bus leaving, we bought some food. I remember buying them when I was a kid when we used to travel and visit our relatives in the rural areas for a month. So I bought a small pack of boiled peanuts, durian candies, bottles of water, and some fruits. Yummy~!

The bus ride was a great way to see the rural areas of Mindanao. The BuDa route pass through from south to north on the central part of Mindanao, past the mountainous region of Mt. Apo, Philippine's highest peak and active volcano, to the valleys of Bukidnon where the Del Monte Pineapple Company is home to acres and acres of pineapples.

 It was a picturesques ride and also very eye opening as I was exposed to the present economic state of the country.

Davao City to Bukidnon: Mountain views
Poverty was obvious, and yet, despite the wooden shacks and the dirt, the smiling faces of the people shines brighter.

The bus only stopped at no more than 4 terminals. I suggest to not drink a lot of fluids on this bus ride as the bathrooms were quite awful and very unsanitary, uncomfortable - especially those who are used to the Western comfort.

Nonetheless, it was an experience that teaches humility and appreciation of what I have.

Half an hour before the trip ended, our bus engine stalled. I honestly would not have known what to do, but thankfully, I was with my sister's friend who was from the area. We caught a jeepney, a popular Filipino public transportation. I don't exactly remember where the bus was headed as we got off the residential area of the Del Monte housing area some 15 minutes later. From there, we caught another jeepney that dropped as off right infront of my friend's parents' home! By then, it was dusk.

Bukidnon: Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Despite knowing my sister's friend for years, I have never met her parents, although my sisters and my brother had met them several times throughout the years. They welcomed me warmly, the famous Filipino hospitality, offered us their only spare bedroom, while they prepared our dinner. I took a shower and changed.

Dinner was stuffed fish with rice, and pineapple and mango for dessert. It was a simple meal, but oh so delicious. Everything was fresh. After dinner, Cathy and I took a walk around the neighborhood. The sunset was beautiful as red-orange streaks across the sky. The breeze cool. The neighborhood area quiet as most people settled in for the night for an early start the next day.

Cathy and I decided to leave the majority of our luggage at her parents' house and come back for them before we head to Cagayan de Oro. So we packed what we only need for the 2 days we required, allowing us to travel light and easier as we still have several transfers to take.

Exhausted from the day's travel, we easily fell asleep.

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photo by: silan