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Sorry to my faithful readers for the lack of updates (this entry was finished March 9th). I will get caught up eventually, but things have winded down to the point that I'm feeling too lazy to get into the writing mood.


So, after spending a lazy morning at Darren's house, we headed out for lunch. Our destination this time was one of the other major malls in Penang, the Queensbay Mall along the east coast of the island. This place was equally stylish as the Gurney. We had lunch at a restaurant chain called Kim Gary. It's apparently quite the huge chain based in Hong Kong with multiple restaurants all over Asia. They have a huge menu serving all matters of Chinese food (rice bowls, noodles, Szechuan, etc), Korean kimchi, Thai curry, Western dishes, you name it. The line kept increasing for the place even after we had sat down and our food had arrived. I'm not even sure who Kim Gary is, but this is obviously a huge brand and I was impressed. From there, we wandered the mall a bit checking out bookstores (where we found some books relevant to our interests) and anime shops. At some point, we came across an authorized reseller of Apple goods. And after some debate, I decided to reequip myself with an iPod. What won me over was the price: 599 ringit for an 8 gig iPod Nano. If you factor in the currency conversion rate, it's about $175. So it was worth it and I finally got a portable music player again! That pretty much made my day. Afterwards, we went and got myself into a hotel and called it a day. I spent the evening resting and slept early.

The following day, we allocated as a free day where Darren would pick me up in the evening to do some late night sightseeing. Considering how delayed this entry actually is, I don't remember what I actually did that day, but I know it wasn't much at all. Darren eventually came by and we ate at a nearby night market. There were lines of stalls filled with delectable smells and exotic names that I can't all remember. But Darren helped order a bunch of local tastes for me to try out like Char Kway Teow which is a sort of noodles with meat and veggies mix and other things. It was all reasonably good. From there, we went to pick up one of Darren's local friends, Alex. And from there, the 3 of us headed to our destination: the Kek Lok Si temple, or the Temple of Supreme Bliss. This is reportedly the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the Temple is situated on a hilltop and is lit up at night with bright lights so it's visible from many kilometers away. Since it was still not too long after Chinese New Years, people were still coming from all over to pray and the place was pretty crowded even after 9 PM. We walked our way through many sections of the temple and paid our respects at the main section where we could pick up fake gold nuggets after a donation. It was too late though to take the lift up the hill to see the famed Kuan Yin statue. Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy and this statue is apparently over 30 meters tall and completely made of bronze. Overall, it was a pretty neat thing to see. It was a little out of the way to get there so by the time we were done, we were all pretty tired and wrapped it up for the night.

The next day, Darren had other things to do and I relegated it to a free day. Once again, it kind of turned out to be a day of nothing. Darren had pretty much covered all of the major sights near and far, and I didn't want to go any farther. We had dinner again that evening, at a nearby Indian place and while it wasn't bad, I couldn't really handle the spiciness that night. And we pretty much said our goodbyes there as I made plans to travel to Kuala Lumpur the following day. Once again, I'm really appreciative of Darren taking me around and being great company. I'll repay the favor if you ever come to the States. I'll also get those pics up sometime and hope your laptop will get repaired soon. *brofist*
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photo by: Aurora78