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Picture perfect beach
We got into Nha Trang around 6 AM. Before we arrived, we had checked up on the weather and the rain from Hoi An was expected to follow us down. Thus, we needed to get our primary business in Nha Trang done pronto: hitting up a beach! Thanks to Lonely Planet and a few online guides, we were advised that the most pristine beach weren't the ones right in town, but farther. On the highway approaching a city called Cam Ranh, there is a stretch of beach called Bai Dai that is usually not hit up by most tourists due to its remoteness. It was supposedly as pristine as it could get. So, what's the best way for 4 people to get to a slightly secluded beach 30 km away? The answer: 3 motorbikes, one for Mike, one for me, and one for the girls.
Yup, that much clams for just $3. Thumbs up indeed.

I have never driven a motorbike before (although I have ridden one twice since arriving in Vietnam). So I got my quick 5 minute lesson and took the bike for a quick spin. I fell twice... yep, great start. But to alleviate any anxiety you readers may have, I never fell off or crashed into anything after that once we got going. We got lost a few times along the way including overshooting the beach. But we got there. And it was beautiful. About 1/4 of a km of white sand and sections of tables and beach chairs owned by the local vendors. There were only scattered groups here, maybe around 20 people. And how's this for prices? 60,000 dong ($3) for a kilogram of fresh clams. 60,000 dong for a plate of delicious seafood fried rice. 10,000 (50 cents) for a small bag of hot quail eggs with sea salt. 40,000 ($2 for 300 mL of rice wine).
Food always makes for great pictures. And rice always seems to be served this way, overpiling on a large plate.
And the obligatory 10,000 (50 cents) for a bottle of beer. We ordered like 2 of everything (minus 1 for the rice wine and about plus 10 for the beer) and it was the best meal I've had in Vietnam. And we frolicked around in the water with 4 foot swells. Just to state how our day ended, we rode back and got lost numerous times in Nha Trang traffic. By the time we were back, it was around 5 PM; we had been up and about for almost 11 hours straight. We didn't go anywhere after that.

Today, we took a boat trip out to the nearby islands. We did some swimming and snorkeling off the first island where the water was a little murky, but still able to make out coral a few feet down. Then there was more delicious seafood lunch and then a live band performance by the boat staff. They were quite capable and played many songs like Proud Mary and Hotel California. There was more swimming and beautiful scenery. Now we are suddenly leaving to the beach in search of fresh seafood as we're meeting up with some of the people we met today.
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Picture perfect beach
Picture perfect beach
Yup, that much clams for just $3. …
Yup, that much clams for just $3.…
Food always makes for great pictur…
Food always makes for great pictu…
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