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Orit with our tailor of choice, Kim.
Current location is the Before and Now bar in Hoi An. It's the only place I've seen so far offering free wifi. And their happy hour is very nice: buy one get one free Gin & Tonics, Rum & Cokes or Vodka & 7-Ups. With the regular price being 35,000 dong, it pretty much equates to $1 cocktails. And things are totally chill in this city.

We skipped staying in Hue due to the afternoon bus supposedly being all booked. So we got to Hoi An on the 11th. After checking in, we barely get into the main market before we're approached by a lady asking us to visit her tailor shop. Needless to say, we get "suckered in" and I ordered a suit. Jacket, dress pants and dress shirt, for $80.
My new tailored suit. 4 hours between ordering and pickup.
And we happened to come back in the evening and the whole thing was ready by then. The entire set was made in 4 hours. And at least according to what I can tell, the seam work was very adequate and it seems to all be of good quality. In retrospect, I probably could have bargained down the initial price, but for the entire set and the experience of seeing one of Hoi An's famed tailor shops, it was worth the money. I'll know for sure if the suit holds up to wear and tear after awhile. But I need a new suit and it's cheap here so I ordered a second one and it should be ready tomorrow. To top it off, I also ordered a pair of dress shoes for $25 (they had to be adjusted a bit so I need to wait another day) and some trousers.

Today, it rained. Hard. When I got up, we kind of made the split decision to visit the Cham My Son temple ruins on the dot.
Some of the Cham My Son ruins.
So we literally rushed out of bed, got a ride on a motorbike and caught up with the tour bus departing for My Son. The ruins were very nice, and the rain added to the mystique of the place. Much of it was bombed by the Americans in 1969, but what was left was very neat. After that, we took a ride back to Hoi An via boat. The trip felt subdued in certain ways due to the shortness of it (around 7 hours) and the rain, but at the same time it made things very tranquil.

The city at night is quite lively in a way that I enjoyed more than Hanoi. Maybe because it was a little less hectic. The lighting throughout the city isn't very good, so it gets dark easily which might contribute to the idea of a "small town" feel. But on the other hand, parts of the city light up like the small street housing traditional lanterns. There are numerous cafes along the riverside where you can get a nice meal along with cheap 4,000 dong glasses of beer (albeit small glasses). And you can make out numerous people sitting on the benches along the riverside just enjoying the night out. Since it's been raining though, we may not be able to visit the beaches here and we'll have to try our luck at our next stop, Nha Trang.
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Orit with our tailor of choice, Ki…
Orit with our tailor of choice, K…
My new tailored suit. 4 hours betw…
My new tailored suit. 4 hours bet…
Some of the Cham My Son ruins.
Some of the Cham My Son ruins.
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