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Mike and Orit
Hey, we made it. Weather is humid as expected, but not too hot, approximately 21 Celsius when we landed. Mike and I had separate seats on the Hanoi leg so much to my surprise, after we disembarked, Mike introduces me to this Israeli girl she sat next to, Orit, who will accompany us through Vietnam after she takes a few days side tour. The adventures are already starting.

Got hassled by people trying to get us to hire a taxi right at the airport. They'll take you to one of their "select" hotels and such. It's a serious enough scam that it's mentioned in Lonely Planet as well as a police officer in the airport handed us a flyer warning people about them. So we took the public transit bus instead. That was fun, the bus was already pulling away as we were trying to jump onto it.
Hanoi's Old Quarter
Good times. While we were riding, there was a random Vietnamese guy coming up to Mike, wanting to listen to what was playing on his iPhone and like feeling his arm and touching his leg pretty much indicating "big burly white guy." Of course, the undertones were well understood, what a riot. Mike was a good sport about it though.

For those of you who've been to China and seen the mess that traffic plays there, it's got NOTHING on Vietnam. Everybody's honking all the time, motorbikes are in the clear majority, and heck, bicycles (of the foot pedal variety) are standard fare too. But just like in China, there's no fear for crossing pedestrians, even when they're traversing over center dividers. The bus didn't take us as far as we wanted so we waited around for a taxi until a driver with sharp eyes saw us and headed into traffic THE WRONG WAY to pick us up. I love it.

We were originally to meet Mike's contact here from his last trip, Naht, but by the time we got to her place, we were late. So we went to the Old Quarter and Mike finds the hostel he stayed at last time. And the guy who helped take care of him when he hairline fractured his leg. This guy's eyes just go wide open and he just points at Mike like some ghost as we stroll up. Mike last told him he would make it back and sure enough, he kept his word. His hostel was full for today so we're staying at a nearby one he recommended for today and we'll check in to his place tomorrow. We've now gotten a hold of Naht and will meet up with her in a half hour.

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Mike and Orit
Mike and Orit
Hanois Old Quarter
Hanoi's Old Quarter
photo by: mario26