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Cambodian chess. Notice my (white's) haphazard rush forward. Eventual bad end.
So here I am, typing an entry up at 12:45 AM because I'm worried I will puke if I just lie in bed after drinking a huge container full of Angkor beer. So I need a few minutes to sober up a bit. I'll get the pics up sometime later.

Today was a travel day, with us arriving in Siem Reap after 6:30 PM. But we still got stuff done once we arrived. We found a tuk tuk driver who was recommended by Mr. Ya; they really know how to network here. Amusingly enough, his name is Mr. Why Not and it is said exactly as it would be said in the English language. He will be our guide in the morning. Anyways, he drove us to the hostel Stephanie was staying at and we found her there.
Look at the size of that thing! Yes, Stephanie and I finished it all (I had about 3/4 of it).
From there, we caught up on things and I got introduced to one of the staff here, Tee. He taught me how to play Cambodian Chess which is a little different from regular chess, but more similar to that than Chinese Chess. It was fun despite him destroying me in it. Then we decided to play regular chess and I actually won that game despite very little actual experience with regular chess so I was quite happy with such a result. Legit checkmate with a queen and 2 rooks versus his queen, rook, and bishop.

From there, Mike got distracted by the computer, so Stephanie and I traveled to a cafe where they serve draught beer with this huge container and tap. I can't even remember or guess at the amount of beer this thing had, but it cost us only $4. We met a Finnish tourist here by the name of Yuuka with whom we talked with for awhile and played a minor drinking game with.
I'm really bad at taking these self-shot group pictures.
It was a very relaxing and enjoyable late night. At 10:00 AM this morning, we will head out to visit Angkor Wat and it should be a blast. Stephanie and I didn't quite get to Pub Road tonight, but it is as it sounds it is, all bars. That could be potentially bad, but we'll control ourselves for that. I had already told Mike that if he causes a ruckus again, I'm just going to leave him to fight it out with whomever and he will pay the consequences accordingly. But the ruins of Cambodia await in the morning and it should be quite a sight. On a final note, there is a HUGE cockroach sticking to the wall in our room. It is literally the biggest bug I have ever seen in my life, easily bigger than my thumb. I don't even want to kill it because the thought of having to pick up the corpse gives me the heebie-jeebies. It is so high up on the wall we don't even have anything to reach it. I guess at a point, one can be too big to be disposed of and this is one of those instances.
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Cambodian chess. Notice my (white…
Cambodian chess. Notice my (white…
Look at the size of that thing! Ye…
Look at the size of that thing! Y…
Im really bad at taking these sel…
I'm really bad at taking these se…
Siem Reap
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