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My trusty new backpack. The oranger, the better.
Today was a slow day despite us getting up before 8 AM again. It was a rainy morning so the ground was very muddy. Not that it fazed the morning market as they proceeded with the same routine of prepping their produce and butchering animals on the spot as usual. It's a little sobering to realize that for most of these people, this is the routine they will live with for the rest of their lives in relatively squalid conditions compared to developed countries. And they continue it unfazingly.

Went around and tried a few different foodstalls this morning. Also bought a cheap backpack in a large market of knock off goods housed in a large warehouse. Business seems relatively brisk in both of these settings, but I noticed we hardly saw any foreigners or tourists around in these areas. Maybe we were just there too early.

In the meanwhile, we're staying at the Hello Vietnam Hotel out of loyalty to the owner who helped Mike out the last time he was here.
Part of the Old Quarter's food market
Still, the place is kinda run down in certain aspects, but one can't complain when you can stay for $12 USD a night. The wifi is pretty spotty, so uploading pics to the Web had been difficult. We just spent 2 hours sitting in a French cafe using their free wifi. While stable, upload was slow in getting 112 pics up. But they're finally available at:

We were working on captions while the upload process was going on, but it was going to take too long to sync the captions so we cut it off and will update those captions for the first batch of pics later. Mike is currently watching a bootleg copy of District 9 he got for 15,000 dong (under $1). It's easier to buy this movie than download it here in Vietnam. And I guess we're going to order pizza tonight (this is part of the story of how Mike got helped earlier). Tomorrow, Orit comes in at 8:00 AM and we're going to head straight out to Halong Bay for the day.

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My trusty new backpack. The orange…
My trusty new backpack. The orang…
Part of the Old Quarters food mar…
Part of the Old Quarter's food ma…
photo by: mario26