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Hanoi celebrates its 1000th year anniversary this October!

So, this entry is being typed up in Notepad because there are absolutely zero connections available in the middle of Halong Bay.

To recap, it is actually Saturday evening at the moment. We actually stayed in Hanoi on Friday because Orit got in after noon and didn't want to arrive in Halong Bay after 4 PM. So we postponed our 2 day excursion to Saturday and Sunday.

We saw more of Hanoi on Friday. Walking around Hoam Kiem Lake again, I chanced upon an interesting old man. He had 3 Chinese Chess boards set up with pieces already in place. In essence, he laid out very difficult scenarios and challenged people to beat him in these scenarios.

Can I solve these scenarios? 100,000 dong to try.
After some hesitation, I tried out one scenario... and failed. My first move was incorrect and the correct one was not the most obvious to figure out. But it was a good lesson and I had bargained the betting price down to 50,000 dong so it was only $3 for the demonstration. Fortunately, Mike had photographed the boards on Orit's camera so I plan to get those pics later and figure out the scenarios better. We were also told by a bystander that this old man makes his living this way and that all the scenarios are beatable, but difficult of course. All in all, I can't think that is a bad way to live at all.

We also saw the water puppet show which is something Vietnam is known for. You have puppets that dance around on water telling a story in opera style fashion with singers and musicians off to the side.

Swans in the water puppet show.
At the end of the show, the puppeteers come out and I was surprised to see that they actually stood in the water to do their show. So for a full hour, these puppeteers are behind a screen standing in water tirelessly manipulating a variety of human and animal puppets very creatively. It was definitely a good show.

We also checked out the night market on Friday. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all the street side stalls pack up from their usual spots and are allowed to set up on one of the main roads where traffic is blocked off. The whole thing spanned several blocks and was quite lively. Most of the stalls were merchandise and knick knacks of various sorts, but there were also a few snack vendors. After that, we found a nightclub to hang out in for a while. You can't go wrong when drinks are generally 60,000-70,000 dong or between $3-$4. Mike pointed out that the girls in Vietnam are pretty hardcore as those who were at a table had bottle service and ordered Glenlivet whiskey to drink straight up or on the rocks. You don't see that with American girls, that's for sure.

Well, it's dinner time (6:15 PM) on our boat so I'll cut this entry short and write about Halong Bay in the next entry. We might get a chance to kayak in the morning and it should be lovely if we don't freeze our butts off then.

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Hanoi celebrates its 1000th year a…
Hanoi celebrates its 1000th year …
Can I solve these scenarios? 100,0…
Can I solve these scenarios? 100,…
Swans in the water puppet show.
Swans in the water puppet show.
Halong Bay
photo by: miggitymax