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So,two friends of a friend of a friend (OK, I stop),whom I first met a couple of days before the journey,invited me to a seminar in Murmansk about "transgenic food".Well,actually they invited me to MINSK(Belarus), and about a week before,I found out it's Murmansk not Minsk!Well..some kilometers to the left some to the right,so what??Yes,Greeks are not that strong in geography..I didn't really cared where I was going,as long as I was going somewhere!Murmansk is acctually much more exotic than Minsk!(No,not because of the climate!!)

We decided first to stay for 3 days in Moscow..I have already been to Moscow in 2005 with my sister and had a great time!What can I say about Moscow?It's one of the best cities I've seen!And it's not the beautiful buildings(soviet architecture is not famous for it's aesthetic effect!),or the friendly people(they are friendly, but I would characterize them more as somehow reserved and proud!).I think it's the general atmosfere of the city.The massive buildings,the wide avenues and huge parks..all these make you feel small and the city very important and..historical!

Anyway,we arrived at the airport,three girls (me,Sophia,Aimilia)and now I want to accent on some tips:

  1. If u arrive at Moscow airport Sheremetievo,it's a little bit more difficult to get to the center,u have to take a bus and then metro.From Domodedovo it's much easier,it has a direct train to the center.But wherever u are,don't believe the sirens (I mean,the taxi drivers),when they tell u a taxi ride costs allmost the same with a bus ride!!It doesn't!!So,if you are on a low budget,take the bus!
  2. When u use the metro in Moscow, need to have a map,the metro is huge!!and b.try not to carry a large suitcase..there are many many stairs and a few escalators!Thank God russian men are polite and helped us a lot with the carrying!
  3. And please,..please don't confuse your Hotel with the Ministry of International affairs..We did,and it wasn't pleasant!It was raining like hell,even the stuff in our (large) suitcases where soaking wet!!In our defence,I want to state that it's not our fault that the two buildings are almost totally the same(they are 2 out of 7 similar buildings that Stalin build in Moscow) and both in walkable distance from the metro!!And my glasses were wet and I couldn't see,OK??..(Excuses,excuses!)

The 3 days we spend there were really great,exept for the moment we couldn't find tickets to go to Murmansk by train..Well,it all worked out eventually!I'm gonna put out some photos,as soon as Sophia gives them to me.(It's been a year Sophia!!)

So,after three days in sunny Moscow(yes,fate smiled,and after the downpour it was only sunny!),we took the train to the north!It was really fascinating!As we were going north,I could actually feel how we were catching up with the sun!It was 9 and the sun was setting,but then it was 10,11,12,1 at night,and the sun was still setting!!I was falling asleep,looking out of the window at this eternal sunset,changing colours as we went north and north..Sophia next to me,after some attemps to kill the poor old lady sleeping at the bed right under her(she kept droping things at her!!At first harmless,like a sandwitch,but the cresendo came with the mobile!!Thankfully,the old lady was full of understandment!!)Anyway,after failing to lounch a career as a killer,Sophia was too, enjoying the view..And Aimilia was sleeping..(Hellooooo!!)

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