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Stretching legsduring flight...

Too much, two years without vacations is too much. This (southern) summer I stayed at work updating the database while everyone else enjoyed their free time. So I took revenge, hehe one month to turn off my brain and thinkn in nothing but relax and recharge batteries.

So far so good, having in mind that I'm writing this lines at 10.000 mts height and with the Swiss Alps at mi right. I'm in the conection flight between Madrid and Zurich, where I'm visiting Karina after two years since that time in Paris, where we got fun cheering the Argentine Rugby team in the World Championship against Scotland. We won, lots of fun...

The Buenos Aires �" Madrid flight took 14 hours (traversing the Atlantic Ocean and the Ecuador can take some time even when you are travelling at 900 km/h). My best flight ever, I had four seats for myself, so I took the oportunity to lay and sleep as if I were on my couch. I hope there wouldn't be so much people doing tourism. I hate crowds, thing that I blame for not enjoying Venice that much. But due to the crisis, less people travelling, I think I'm gonna have a good time.

I'm still conected to work, I'm still thinking about that invoice that didn't appeared... if they would make it to buy the cross-linker... yes, I know, I know, it's their problem now. The only thing I must think is having a good time. I hope that after two years I can remember how it's done.

I'd also make some reflections, I always do. I always think and think about what I think. Also about what other people think. I don't know why but I find fascinating the thinking process and decision making, simply... Why we do what we do? Hard question... uh. I don't think I can answer that and we can make a huge debate about it... I think I'm a freak.

This is my first trip since I became active in TravBuddy and this is my first blog, so I'm a little nervous about what my fellows travellers can think. I also would like to be in a meet-up or know someone after TB contact. I always been jealous about vouches that other people recieved.

Well, the plane is landing.. and my adventure begins.. We'll see what will happen

roman1607 says:
thanks! I'll have that in mind!
Posted on: Dec 30, 2009
lauro says:
dont be nervous! ^_^ write from your heart ^_^
Posted on: Dec 30, 2009
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Stretching legsduring flight...
Stretching legsduring flight...