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I was so disorientated when we reached the island, being the most peak season of the year there was so many people everywhere! The jetty was so overcrowded with people coming in and going out of the island. The “free-agents” trying to sell you their services: car rentals, island hopping, tickets to here and there, the noise and sight of it all! But R was a very good sport, even after he had travelled for more than 12 hours, he still managed to laugh and run around to find us the best deal for a car and place to stay.  While I just sat my dizzy self at Starbucks and watched him being pulled here and there. After what seemed like hours to me, R finally showed up with a happy smile plastered on his face. He finally sorted everything out! Yeay for R!!


So we got the rented car and made our way to our home for the next 5 days. I was surprised when we reached Cenang, it’s so different since the last time I was there which was about 5 years ago… it looked like I was somewhere in Thailand! R has never been to Langkawi so he is excited about it all. We stayed just next to the Underwater World at a place called Green Hill Beach Hotel.  Not too bad, moderately clean room, attached toilet and AC. About 3 minutes away from the beach. Two minutes from the shops. After getting our keys we changed and went straight to the beach, what we saw was not what we imagined. Being from an island himself, R was not impressed. So we decided to skip the beach and set to find us some lunch. Being a true Malaysian, rice is the only way to satisfy R’s tummy. While driving aimlessly looking for a ‘nasi campur’ joint, we spotted a couple on a moped with a float around the pillion’s waist! I suggested that they were going back from Cenang to wherever they were from. R suggested otherwise. So we kind of tailgated them and soon found ourselves at the Pasir Tengkorak Beach so R was correct after all. It was a bit crowded with families having picnics and barbeques. Dunked myself in the ocean for about 5 minutes and got out. The smell of the food grilling on the bbqs was making my stomach growl! We soon found a nice little stall with a good selection of dishes for the ‘nasi campur’ (white rice with pre-prepared dishes – you can choose your dishes to your liking). With a happy full belly we went back to our nest to rest – I headed for the beach while R settled in the room. I enjoyed the rest of the day on the beach. We didn’t do much on the first night we were there. Just walked along Cenang’s street and R bought beers to his heart’s desire!


We decided to go check out a few historical spot on the island. R needed his history lessons! So we visited the must see Mahsuri Mausoleum. They’ve really done up the place and it’s more of a cultural centre or something like that now. With theatres and mini museums they even have a big bird cage in the centre now. So much has changed, so much more commercialized than before. I wonder if that is a good thing or not. I kinda like what it used to be. It’s very touristy now.  I guess that is what they are trying to achieve, for me personally it’s sad to see that it has lost its authenticity value. Still we walked around took some pictures and R got his history lesson. After that, we went to Langkawi Bird Paradise. I enjoyed this best! Feeding the animal part was really exciting for. The aviary was lovely. I don’t particularly fancy birds flying around me but the landscape was lovely. The maintainance of the place was quite good too. The animal waste smell was not too overwhelming like zoos especially the not like the National Zoo in KL! R was feeding all kinds of animal until we reached the ostriches, they freaked him out. They freaked me out too! Well it doesn’t take much too freak me out! But seriously these birds are really something up close. I was laughing so hard when R’s attemp to feed one of them failed! The ostrich almost snap R’s fingers off with its beak! Some do actually have teeth! Scary! But the sight was side-splitting! Nite time was spent along streets of Cenang again..


Of all the places on Langkawi Island I was really looking forward to visiting Ibrahim Hussein’s Museum. We drove all the way there only to find out that it only opens on Saturdays… we were leaving Saturday! That didn’t make me too happy. It doesn’t make sense at all! It was a peak season after all... R stopped at the Crocodile Farm instead since it was just along the way. Well it’s a far cry from the museum but it somehow took my mind off my frustrations. The gators freaked me out! They “feeding time show” was a disappointment. Actually the whole place was sad. I wonder what the gators felt living in a place like that. Well we left the gators there and went to Durian Perangin Waterfall! This waterfall is rated #2 must-see on the tourist map. I don’t see why. I think LADA should also focus on maintaining it’s attractions than just upgrading but neglecting the up-keep of these places. That night we had dinner at a place where only 2 waiters spoke English. The rest spoke Thai. The place was quite full, so everytime you needed something you had to wait for either one of the two waiters to be free. Even to the simplest request of tissues! We were lucky the waiter didn’t screw up our orders so we didn’t have any problems with our dinner. I would write the name of the place if I remembered it. But I forgot, well you can tell why I don’t remember; it’s not worth my brain memory space. The rest of the nite was spent again walking along Cenang Street.



Early next day while R was still slumbering, I went out to get us breakfast and headed for the beach for some sun. The weather was great for all the days we were there. After a few hours on the beach, we headed to Langkawi Cable Car. The que for the entrance to the cable car seemed like it never ended! R and I just stood there for like a good 2 minutes before either of us spoke again. I asked him if he really wanted to take the ride, then he asked me. Question was asked to and fro. Both didn’t want to make the wrong decision. It might be worth the long wait or it might not! I suggested that we just walk around the Geopark for a while. Take some time to make a decision. After walking for a while I went to take a look at the que again. This time there was nobody at the ticket que! I quickly went there and ask the lady at the counter about the price and some info and she informed me that it might take us 2 hours just to get through the line to the cable car! I just told R that we should just go for it! So we bought our tickets and went to get a quick lunch since we might be stuck in line for 2 hours! Apparently it only took us about 45 minutes! We got the cable car and we were on our way to the peak! Even if I had to wait 5 hours I would. The view was just magnificent. The structures of the platforms were great too. The ‘hanging’ brigde was excellent even if I did feel like pissing in my pants while crossing it.  Didn’t help that there was a lot of people on it while I was On it!


We went to Fat Mum over at Pantai Tengah for our Christmas Eve dinner. We met a lot of interesting people. Most were islanders some were revisiting tourists. The hosts, Raymond and Fat Mum were so warm and kept on feeding us. The food was excellent. I was recommended to go there by a friend who was a fan of Fat Mum’s. They also had Christmas presents for everyone which was just cute. I got a duck lighter and R got a tortoise lighter! We had good food, loads to drink and some great company for the special night.


Next day we left the hotel early to drive around the island for the last time and also to burn off the extra petrol we still had the tank! It was a great trip back to Langkawi for me and R enjoyed he first visit there.



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photo by: Mezmerized