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Yesterday we took a class field trip to Florence (Firenze) Italy.  Just an hour and a half bus ride from where we are staying for 3 months.  We saw some piazzas and a few churches.  We went inside the Santa Croce which had the resting place of Michelangelo and another famous artist.  We had lunch at a great Italian restaurant which I believe was paid for by the professors or the school.  I have a few pictures which I might post up.  Then we went to the Il Giardino Antico Da Babilonia a Roma which was a large garden with sloping walks.  Very nice place but very tough climbs and somewhat gloomy weather. 

We also had another sketching class when we got back to school.  We did gestural sketches again with student models from different schools.  I've been enjoying the sketching classes because it gives me a chance and a reason to practice my sketching and I'm learning a lot about how to be a better sketch artist which is what I really love doing!  And our professor, Andy, really helps out (in my opinion) because he acts like a coach who keeps on pushing you to do your best and work your hardest even if you're tired or even if you think you cannot do the work.  I feel like I am being pushed to draw better than I draw now. 

Today we just started off with design class again and did some water color paintings.  During our break today after lunch and another design class, Veronica, Matt, and I walked all the way down to the laundry mat to finally get a whole load of laundry done!  The only time we did laundry was the day we arrived at school.  Since we did that by hand I hardly got anything done and the clothes didn't end up smelling as great as they would coming from a machine.  SO, today I was super happy for having nice clean clothes fresh from the washer and dryer.  It took a while to do, but it was done.  AND the best part about our laundry experience was the RIDE we got back to the dorms!  This really nice Italian man realized that we were students from the school and offered us a ride back!!!  He didn't speak any English but we managed to get by with the basic of most basic Italian.  Fulya helped out a lot when she explained that there were "5 amigos" who needed a ride. 

Tomorrow we are heading off to Switzerland.  This trip was suggested by Andy, our professor, and only about 17 of us are going.  We rented vans and a couple of us will drive early tomorrow morning.  I hope this will only be a great experience with no regrets.  I'm expecting it to be.  But I am really tired and sleepy right now.  I hope I get sleep in during the drive there.

Be back later, then!  Ciao!

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Castiglion Fiorentino
photo by: krystieo