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I've written a blog on facebook explaining in general how much this trip meant to me.  I got many positive responses from friends who were never even that close to me, but found a need to give me a hug after reading my blog just because they found that they could relate to it in their own way. 

This trip was definitely something that I will never forget.  EVER!  I waited and waited for this trip to be life-changing ever since I left.  I couldn't really understand my co-workers who praised this trip so much (since they had gone on this study abroad program years before also).  All I knew was that it would be so much fun!  And it surely was.  Fun in so many ways.  Traveling and seeing Europe (and Egypt)!  So amazing, so speechless I became site after site.  Still unbelievable.  And I kept saying to myself, gosh I really need to GO BACK to all these places that I've been to since I will surely forget what the place looks like or what it FEELS like to stand beside the Pyramids of Giza or the Eiffel Tower or the statue of David!  I have to plan a trip back sometime in the future to see the amazing Italian Villas and Valleys!  So beautiful!  Such an experience!  This is what I have to say about the places I've been to.  The life-changing part of this is that I now have a broader perspective of the world... In comparing the places I've been to my all too familiar home in West Covina, I now feel the difference and see the difference between being an American to being an Italian or European.  Such different life-styles... in some ways similar of course, yet the differences are all too apparent, and now I'm aware of it all...

But it wasn't until my last week here when I realized the other part of this trip that really changed my life.  I realized that the friends I had travelled with weren't just friends anymore.  They had become more than that.  So close that  I would consider some part of my family.  This last week here has been so hard yet so significantly GOOD for me.  Mixed emotions all day long, and all night at times.  I have discovered the deeper side of friendship and the importance of having these people in my life (in anyone's life).  We have all went through so many good times but some hard times as well, because that's how life is -- unpredictable, unforgiving at times, amazing and all worth it, full of happiness, sadness.  Either way, everyone who went on this trip has gained more experience in life and has grown to be stronger people.  One thing I learned well is that communication is so important to solving or working out any problem, no matter how hard it is to communicate, and believe me, sometimes it's the hardest thing to do, I really know this.  If I haven't opened up to you yet, I do want to, but I'm either scared or still trying.  Everyone needs some help at some point in their lives and it's those people who either listened, understood, or had a life-changing experience as well that I'm writing this to.  I'm also writing this to myself, as if speaking to myself to help remind me of how I feel as I write this in my dorm room in Italy for the last time... but I want to thank my friends, my true friends, for being there at some point during this trip, even near it's end, I'm so thankful you were there.

I loved this trip so much.  Who knew I'd write something like this?  It's been really great. 

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