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In the morning I leave Tozeur to go visit a few oasis. The oasis used to house three smallish villages but during a flash flood in 1969 they were destroyed and the people who used to live there were relocated to new villages which were quickly constructed just down the hill from the original oasis towns.


I get to the first of the three oases the Chebika oasis. Down the hill is a small modern village and up the hill is a gathering of small stalls and such for the sale of the priceless souvenirs you did not know how you could possibly live without - off course a few days before you would have no idea how you could live with these souvenirs’.  When you have made it through the different shops the desert landscape open itself to you and you can out to wander the destroyed village and the surrounding neighborhood. In the neighboring cliffs some of the scenes of the English Patient were filmed.


The landscape seems really dry - and if there had not been a stream running through the bottom of the canyon there would have been no sign of trees down below. But down in the small valley is where the spring which has created the oasis runs. Down in the centre are a couple of small waterfalls with a fast running stream and the palm trees grow tall.


I leave Chebika to drive to Mides oasis - on the way there you need to take care not to go off the road. If you do you will end up leaving Tunisia and go into Algeria. Actually the vicinity of Algeria is one of the reasons why the villages are still here - the former president Bourguiba wanted to keep some people living in the area close to the border of Algeria to have some sort of a base in case it would ever come to trouble between the two countries. Fortunately trouble never arrived but the remains of the old policy of populating the country side are still present.


Up at the Mides oasis is a big canyon is which was used as a scene in the Phantom Menace Star Wars movie for the pod car race.

Ok I must admit I can’t really remember this from the movie - hence I really need to watch all those Star Wars movies again - and I got the perfect excuse for it - I am doing comprehensive research of where I have travelled.


Driving back from Mides I get to another movie location. The place where the plane went down in the English Patient - note to self one more movie I need to see again.


I get to the third and final of the oasis’ the Tamerza oasis, which has got the biggest and best preserved old ruined village of the three villages. Actually I am not sure if it is the biggest of the three old villages but it is the most impressive of the three. Just outside the ruins of the old city you can see the palms which till this day make up the core of oasis life.


After the oasis’ I make a quick stop at a place where you can see a couple of waterfalls in the desert. A waterfall in the desert sound like something quite unnatural hence of course you need to go and see it. I walk in to the area which attracts a lot of visitors who wants to see this strange sight of waterfall in the desert. I get to the waterfall and it is quite nice - but tiny. We are definitely not talking Victoria Falls or anything like that. There are a decent amount of water running down in the falls but it is not a super tall fall or a fall with a huge amount of water running through it - not that you would expect lots of water in the desert I guess.

sylviandavid says:
As Always Mickey, Great blog... enjoyed it... and i really like your pictures too.... sylvia
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
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