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I finish my trip more or less like I started it - by looking around Tunis. The city is an interesting mix between old and new. I go down to the part of the city where you can find a lot of big modern buildings which is the exact opposite style of the old medina. Down in the modern part of town is a small museum with the currency of Tunisia from the ancient times till today. I am not overly interested but I am walking just past the building and the entrance is at my favorite price - free. So I go in and have a look at the different coins and notes of the country.


After I have walk around the modern part of the city I reach the conclusion - the old medina and the area around it is - is far more interesting than the modern part of the city. Hence I make my way back to the medina. I spend a bit of time walking towards the medina before I get there - in the streets around the medina is quite interesting as well they got all kind of different shops and the display are nothing like at home. If a butcher is selling beef he will advertise this.


And just how do you advertise you got beef for sale? Naturally you just put up a couple of cow heads in front of your shop. Another butcher shop is selling camel - and what better way can you advertise this than putting up the head of the camel.


I head back for the medina for a final look around and some last minute business. I get a couple of offers of getting guides and fortunately there are a special Bedouin festival going on - it is the last day of the festival no less. I figure - why not have a look - and the festival is actually taking place in the exact same shop I was taken to at my very first day in Tunis. I am taken up to the roof again and I have a second look from the roofs of the medina and then the next stop is the shop. But I accidently miss my guide who is walk in front of me and walk the other way - ups but that’s what happens sometimes :P


I guess I have come full circle by now and I am ready to go home - not that I am looking forward to it considering the winter in Denmark has been the worst for 15 years.

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photo by: tj1777