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Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Copenhagen to Tunis so I will have to get to Tunis via somewhere else and the choice was Frankfurt. Unfortunately the plane will leave Frankfurt at around 22.30 in the evening so I will get to Tunis pretty late or early - all depends on how you look at it I guess.


I get to the airport and clear immigration and customs - it works like a charm and I am in. Now I just need to find a bank which is open so I can change some money for cab fare to the city. That’s odd - must of the places where you can change money are closed. After a long search I finally find a booth which for some reason seems to be open. I go in and change some Euros.  I got money now I just need to get a taxi.


I try to get a cab - and they ask for much more than I am ready to pay. I need to haggle a bit - only problem I am not sure how much is the right price. According to the lonely planet I have borrowed the price should be 5-7 dinars during daylight hours. Unfortunately it is not daylight hours so it will be 50 percent more. The other problem is my lonely planet are not super up to date - it is actually a bit old - I got a feeling it might have been used by the Romans when they went to this area during the 3rd Punic War. But we end up agreeing on 12 Dinars which might be a bit much but not totally unheard off.


The drive to the city is pretty quick - the traffic is light and I get to my hotel no problem. Time to catch some Zzzzzzz.

rheagirl says:
Fun xmas present eh! Congrats on your featured blog!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2009
sarahsan says:
Congrats on getting your travel blog featured today! Great trip!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2009
tacco14 says:
Congrats on your featured blog!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2009
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