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Ending season…

By the time I get back to Petersburg, I will have been out for over 120 days. About half of that by myself. I made my way to Anan Bay and was really amazed at the bear activity still going on this time of year. Not only did I have a brown bear pass some thirty feet by me on the trail, a well known brown bear that is quite curious by the name of Georgia, there were always 4-5 black bears feeding on the salmon at the falls and usually a few sows with cubs in the area. One cub, from last year by the name of Chromosome was constantly harrassed by the others, because his mom has long since left the youngster alone to fend for himself. He spent most of his time being chased up the trees and waiting for his chance to come back down.

But I had a pump acting up, and so I made way back to Wrangell and after today, am heading to Petersburg to start the long process of winterizing the boat and putting her up for the year. Really, knowing the Forest Service will be leaving Anan Bay at end of month makes it quite tempting to stay and make another run down there and hanging out for as long as I want. But the truth is, so many have taken photos at Anan Bay that even photo services no longer buy them because they have too many of that one particular area. But if you want to watch a bear from literally five feet away rip into and devour a salmon while you watch, this is the place. As well as watching a mom and her cub pass safely by the railing, a four foot railing, where you could reach over and touch either one of them, though not suggested. Actually, highly discouraged.

So once I make way back to Petersburg and settling to my last task, winterizing the boat and storing her, I will post some final thought on this year and conclude the blog while I make my way back home. So keep watching.

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photo by: vances