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this is a quick one, only have 10 mins left

left a couple of days ago on the road trip with two friends we headed south and west from hobart. our goal to find work, namly we are looking for fruit picking jobs as we only want to work 2-3 weeks before we head back to the mainland and start heading west. it appears that cherries are the best things to pick, worth the most money and is easy on the body, this is verses apricots, strawberries and blueberries. apples are good too but we would have to wait until march for them to be in season, and one of the guys with us has to be in perth for the 20th of february. but it seems we are out of luck, we just spend 3 days looking and 3 tanks of gas, gas is 1.34$ per litre here fyi. so not cheap for a campervan. cherry season only has two weeks left and everyone already has their pickers. so normally we could just go to the next spot, but we are all low on money. one guy has 200, the other has 400 and the other has 800, but we barely know eachother so lending cash in large sums is a problem, though unlikely to be honest, but i have to play it say incase i need to jump ship.

so we are in huonville (well north of it actually in a place called lanceton (or something)) and we pull up early looking for jobs and there is a trailer filled with backpackers waiting to be carted off to one of the orchards and all i could help think of was in the united states you hear about illegal aliens being used as cheap labour, and you can never imagin why someone would be waiting by a pole for 4 hours at a time hoping a farmer will pick them up to give them work... well now i do, and i have alot more respect for them now then i used to.

everyoen we run into says we are SOL, but some of the pros are saying there is work in western australia, now every where we turn we keep hearing WA, WA, WA. so where are we going next WA, we are trying to scrach enough money together to get ourselves and our campervan onto the ferry and back to the mainland then across 2000km of desert in hopes of a job... boy do i feel like i am back in america during the depression when all the corrupt warmers and factory bosses paid people to go to the east with the promise of work... do i feel stressed?dispair... actually i feel excited and cant wait to see what happens to me next, because if this is the low point i cannot wait for the high point.

you wont hear from me for a while because of where i am heading, but i am sure everythign will work out fine.

Wish me luck,


mckennr says:
I was looking at the job posting in and around Perth and there are looking for grape pickers in Margaret River (4h south of Perth) Feb. to April. From Westvine Pty Ltd. - (Phone 0418 901 691)
btw is very one named Bruce & Jackie. It seems so by the job postings!
Posted on: Jan 18, 2010
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