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I was able to leave my house a little before 1 and was on my way. Traffic was surprisingly nice. I only hit some right around Magic Mountain but everyone has already threatened me with that as it was. I took the 210 freeway to the 134 to the 5 and then took the 5 a long long way up to the 580 and then to the 24 and off to my friends house. The entire drive took me about.. 6 hours 20 minutes. This was with a stop for lunch at Carl's Junior (plus a pee break in a yucky potty). Then a stop for gas and lastly a stop at a rest stop with a fellow traveler I met on the road named Robert.
It was great to see my friend Chris and catch up. We went to dinner at a place called Garibaldi's. Chris used to work there so we were seated first instead of having to wait and were comped for a few dishes. Nice! The food was great. The atmosphere was nice. (I'll review it later).
From there we went back to Chris's place and got ready to go out.
My crappy attempt to take a picture of Magic Mountain while driving.
We hit up San Francisco (Or the City as it is called by natives) to met up with a few of her friends to watch a band. The bar was called The Knock Out and it was barely standing room there. It was so packed.
We ended up leaving to go to El Rio. IT has christmas lights hanging and a shuffle board. There was this neato backyard patio and beers were cheap. We ended up talking with one of the guys there and just talking about the different cultures (he's from New York, I'm from Los Angeles and my friends were from this area of San Francisco and Oakland). We then went back to The Knock Out and ended up closing it down. We drove back to Oakland and ended up passing out.
What a lovely first day!
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The day has been passing rather slowly. I am waiting for 12 to get off of work and be on my way. I took a half day today to drive up. Driving turned out to be more cost efficent and better than flying. The tickets were way expensive and the times were very satisfying.
So now I borrow my brothers car. (way better on gas than my truck) and I drive up. I have Monday off and will be getting home sometime then. Hopefully I will be able to make a stop in Monterey on the way back for some of the best clam chowder I have ever eaten!! Yum.

I hope to be driving today at 2 and get up there somewhere around 8 or 9. I mapped it and it said it was only 6 hours and 7 minutes away but I don't think they took into account that my ass gets sore after 3 hours of driving or that I like to stop and take pictures. Haha!

I'll be back next week to put some more... thanks and have a great Memorial day!!
CrazyLisa says:
I wouldn't have thought it did but I did make it there in just over 6 hours with 3 short stops on the way. Now the way home was a 9 hour ordeal..
Posted on: May 29, 2007
X_Drive says:
Does it also take into account LA traffic? :)
Posted on: May 25, 2007
My crappy attempt to take a pictur…
My crappy attempt to take a pictu…
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