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[hmm had to re-edit this because I am sensing a dislike of certain words of choice?!?] After being on this site for about a month, I am noticing a strong trend amongst TB members and most notably on the forums. lol don't take this journal too seriously because I just needed to vent a little about soo many comments I keep coming across. Basically I have noticed alot of TB members who view themselves to be "real travelers" looking down upon people they view to be "tourists".

These travelers are more inclined to visit 'developing' countries, trek through jungles, stay in down beaten hostels, go through more difficult journeys to create what they feel is a 'real traveler experience'. I've seen far too many comments that people who prefer to stay in nice hotels, enjoy relaxing on the beach, participate in organized group tours are nothing more than tourists who don't really explore what a region can offer in the true sense. Well as a person who does prefer the finer things in the world of travel, I beg to differ! I think it is too complex to define what a 'real travel' experience is supposed to be like. Just because I hate camping, or would rather fly than take a bus through forests, doesn't mean my travel experience is any less important than those who would.

I think it comes down more to an issue of preference than ignorance. Some people would just rather create a more refined and comfortable travel experience for themselves if they can. So I say, why can't we all just enjoy our individual travel preferences instead of thinking one person's experience is more noble or important than another's???? just because you went through a life changing experience on the island of Phuket... doesn't mean someone cant also have a similar one at a resort in the Dominican Republic [albeit, more all-inclusive drunken fun included experience]. Isn't that the whole point of visiting another region anyways??? Just to have fun and a great experience, while learning as much as you can. We can all do just that no matter where we go. So come on yall, lets put an end to such squabbling.... lets start making peace between the so called 'travelers' and so called 'tourists' :)
travelman727 says:
Nice comments! In my opinion, ALL travel experiences are wonderful :-D
Posted on: May 31, 2010
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