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The train station here is massive! I've never seen anything like it.

I'm here and checked into my hotel at the Holiday Inn City Central in Liverpool! It's a great place... very convienant and clean.

I just called Erin and we decided to meet at St. George Hall in a couple of hours, so I could take a shower and she could convince Andrew to go for a walk with her. hehe

1:00 PM ~ I headed across the street to St. George's Hall, but I wasn't really sure which side they would be on. This place is massive and on all four sides, there are huge stone steps that go all the way up to the building entrances. It didn't take me long to spot them and I knew immediately, that Erin saw me before I even crossed the street, because I saw a huge small go across her face! So, I crossed the plaza and walked up the steps behind them and sat down. Andrew still hadn't noticed anythign! I was trying so hard not to laugh, because as soon as I laughed, he would not I was there.

So, I sat there for a minute and then said "Merry Christmas" and Erin turned and looked at me and said "Merry Christmas to you too! How are you feeling?". About that time, Andrew tipped his head back and looked at me and then just stared! It was absolutely hilarious... I've never seen him so speechless in my entire life! Finally, he said "Why are you here?" and then he looked at Erin and said "You were in on this weren't you?" Then, I got the best hug in the world! From both of them!

We spent some time opening Christmas presents and such and then we went and ate dinner! Unfortunately, there was not much to do, because I was exhausted. Shortly after dinner I went to bed.


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Well, I'm in Manchester and waiting for the train to Liverpool. The flight was not good... very bumpy and I was sick, which was new for me! I've never been sick while traveling!

I wish that The States had transportation systems like this... IT ROCKS! The train ride will only be about 2 hours and then I'll be in Liverpool, basically righ across the street from my hotel.

Hopefully, I can get a bit of sleep on the train.

photo by: monkeymia79