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3am was the wake up, and 4am we were sitting on a bus to Roatan. A 4 hour drive through Siguatapece, to a town called San Pedro Sula was the first bit. The drive was fine, was asleep for a lot of it.
San Pedro Sula is a bit of a Los Angeles wannabe town, it reminded of those Indian rude boys that try to be hard, but are in fact quite pathetic and weak…well San Pedro Sula is that.

An hour wait at the bus station, we got the luxury bus (and it was a luxury bus), for our 3 hour journey to our next stop, La Ceiba , a town on the coast of Honduras . We found an old random American guy who decided to latch onto us, and wouldn´t let us leave his sight…the whole 2 hours waiting for the ferry, there he´d be blabbing on about how when he grew up there were no other races in his town etc…what an idiot!

We thought the ferry could at least calm us down, but never in my life have I felt so ill.
Up and down, and up and down for 2 hours, I was feeling like throwing up from the off, managed to never get it out, unfortunately most of the people on board were not as lucky, and by the end of the trip, the boat had a new smell to it.

We thought we´d get our bags, get a taxi, and go into town. But nothing is as easy as is thought. Getting the bags was like being part of a no holes barred wrestling match. The bags are brought off one by one and put in a big pile, and then people try and get to the front of the area and start shouting at the guys, waving their tickets, a few punches later (thrown at and throwing....) the bags were taken, and we made our way to the next bit, the taxi stand.
Here each taxi person fights with another to get customers, and as I was travelling con los gringos, it was even worse.
They were a bit stupid though, because all the drivers park theiur taxis next to each other on this one big hill outside, which means none of them can get out...so it took 6 guys to move our taxi by hand into a position where he could reverse out of...was a great sight to behold.
Oh and senor americano decided he was gonna go with us and decided talking to the driver as to places where we should go...the cheek...he may be 80 but it did not give him the right to choose our accomodation! So just after he asked the taxi driver if there were any places that had 5 people sharing I thought I´d butt in and say that we weren´t going to be staying with him....in the nicest way possible of course (!)

We stayed in a place called Fosters...which is in West End.
Basically Roatan is one of the 3 bay islands, the other 2 are Utila (which is more spring break) and the other I don´t know the name of, but its only for the elite class.
..so no ferry goes out there, you can only fly there from Honduras and Miami.
Roatan is separated into different parts, but the 3 main areas are Coxenhole (which is a bit of a hole- but thats where the ferry gets in!), the West End (which has a small beach, is gorgeous, and is where all bars, restauarants and most hotels and cabins are), and the best beach is a 5km stretch called West Bay Beach....and it is the most stunning beach ever.
Crystal clear waters, quite salty though, so you can float on it, basically those photos you see of the Carribean, well this is it.

So we arrived at our cabin; with me, Seb and Krish sharing a room, and Sally getting one for herself...we left mr american to fend for himself.
At this point Krish realized his camera was stolen, which wasn´t good.
..so after trying to look for it we knew we weren´t gonna find it, and gave up. Thought we´d get some food, so had a meal at this restauarnt built on the sea. As you walk down the wooden pathway you can see crabs, lobsters and fish of every colour and shape in the water...was an amazing sight.
So after a chicken cordon bleu, and samples of lobster and crab we decided to head back into our room for a deserved sleep.

We woke up to what can only be described as paradise. Never have I seen anything like it befopre in my life. Palm trees surrounding you, with coconuts and mangoes hanging off the trees...and 20m in front of you is a white sand beach with crystal clear water...and then the second largest coral reef in the world in front of that. After some fruits for breakfast, we walked to West Bay Beach, and just swam for 8 hours, whilst playing black flag, jumping off piers, and having our manly conversations in the sea.
...getting out only to sample the local cocktails and food for lunch. It was around 40 degrees centigrade, so yeh, staying in the water was probably the safest option, although there was a bit of a burning sensation involved.
We moved back at around 6, and an Italian (american sized Italian!) later we found ourselves crawled back in bed, watching some weird American show about vampires, giant apes and werewolves.

The second day in Roatan brought a 2 hour snorkelling session on the reef, and it was beyond words. Took a while to get used to the snorkel, but once it was sorted, the experience was sensational. So many fish and other things, as well as the Coral....took some photos with the underwater camera, so I´ll pass it on when I´m back. We then headed for another marathon swimming session in the burning sun.
..and finished our days in paradise having gorgeous food on the same water top restauarant.

The next day brought the return journey, managed to twist my ankle in San Pedro Sula, and also pick up a cold, but nothing that Beechams can´t handle. Although I wasn´t able to go teach on Tuesday...mainly because if the children here get a cold, then they won´t be able to afford the medication required to cure them, so they risk death. So Tuesday was mostly spent in bed, and some walking around La Esperanza...and planning Wednesday´s lessons.
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