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The little baby!
It was a very long day, got a lot written, played with the little baby there for most of the day, and scared the dirty men with my machete. It is so weird to see, some of the men don´t even work, they just go to the Chinese and drink all day, make a racket, act dirty….go home, beat their wives and come back for afternoon drinks. I have not taken a liking to them.

Tueday was the day of the first English teacher interview. In fact the first interview I had was with the random guy who I was playing chess with on Thursday. Miguel Angel was a teacher for 5 years but took a year off to do an English course, he is fluent in English, and seems a great candidate. The others I interviewed weren`t as good, some of them not speaking English at all, which is a problem if we are looking for an English teacher.
This process is going to be quite difficult, making sure you get the right person for the job, and not just choosing someone because they are overly qualified for the position, which seemed to be the problem at my old school. Teaching in itself is a profession, just because you are a master in your field does not mean you are a teacher in any sense. To be able to control a class and pass on information in a way that enlightens minds and keeps the children hungry for more, and puts a smile on their face….thats teaching. But yes…returning to the Chinese to feed Seb his lunch, and subsequently his dinner, as well as the Kiwi girls…it finished Tuesday off.

World Cup starts tomorrow...and Rooney´s fit! Come on my son!

So I left you all on Wednesday on Week 5, which was again, just another day at work at the Chinese place.
I swear to do this job day in day out for the whole of your life must be the most boring and annoying job at times. For the time you are not sweeping, serving or being molested by dirty old men, you are sitting, and sitting and sitting.
I have to say, I have met some interesting people though. One of them is a drunk guy that comes into the restauarant every night. He never has any money and is always pissed out of his head. He comes in and eats worms at the table...just takes them out of his pocket and chucks them into his mouth.
Then there is a really cool guy. He´s the biggest guy I´ve seen in Honduras...only person of his build so far...anyway he can speak a bit of english and has a bit of a "don´t touch me or I´ll hit you status," which is always good to know.
Anyway I have now found out he is the biggest drug dealer in La Esperanza...which kinda makes sense, as he was the only student I knew who owned his own house and 2 cars.
Well, at least Seb was happy from this news...doesn`t really affect me as I don`t smoke..although its good to know that if we are ever in trouble he can kill the person who is messing around with us. Hopefully nothing will have to resort to that. Then you have random people such as the town guitarist, a couple of football coaches, policemen (who are supposed very dirty but have done nothing whilst I´m around). I have been told that this is because people here are actually quite scared of foreigners, because they know they have enough to have them killed off. they don´t enjoy messing around around them, especially the police here. What they don´t seem to know is that I am a student and scraping the barrell of survival...but I´ll take whatever respect is thrown my way.

Anyway the Kiwi girls, Al, Todd, Meredith and Nick as well as Seb came for dinner. Seb and his girlfriend (the hottest hottest girl in La Esperanza!) don´t talk, as she works in the chinese restauarant and only speaks spanish, whilst Seb only speaks english. The moments that they do interact is forced upon Seb, although he doesn´t mind the kissing and stuff. I think Seb is a man whore. Al realized that the raved about Pollo Agridulce is worth the raves thrown at it. But yes, that was my Wednesday...nothing really to jump to the moon about.

Thursday was a feeling ill I didn´t go to work, sat on the toilet for a long while and lay in bed before meeting up with Seb and later Todd in the internet spot. Nick..Elisa (our co-ordinator for i-to-i)´s husband...came up to La Esperanza to discuss with Save The Children why the builders were coming to building sites drunk and unable to work. So we had lunch at Haccienda...where another Nick (the 60 year old American divorced 3 times, addcited to pot and drinks like a fish) was telling us jokes and his life stories...heres one joke from him.
A lizard in the tree is talking to a koala, and they´re both having a joint. The lizard tells the koala, hey dude I´m gonna go get some water, so he goes to the watering hole...where lizard meets alligator.
Alligator asks lizard why he´s drinking so much water...lizard replies to alligator by saying its cause he´s alligator goes "wow dude can I get some?" Lizard takes alligator to Koala where alligator asks koala for a joint, at which point koala goes, "wow man, how much water did you drink!"

But yes...everyone went quiet. So Nick left for America, and the other Nick (Elisa´s Nick) gave Al, Meredith and stoned Nick a lift to La Ceiba. As me and Seb left the restauarant we heard a sudden scream of "Subha!" was Hannah. We thought she had left us, well that was the supposed chat...although we heard so many versions of the happenings after Dorothy´s Opallaca´s incident...that we had no idea what the real version was. So returning to Haccienda an hour or so later, we had a nice chat with Hannah and Elsa, with them explaining what really went down that weekend, and telling us that they had quit the hospotal in La Esperanza, which was probably the right thing to do, after all the problems with Guermo, and with them only being allowed to "observe patients".
So instead they were going on holiday for a week in Honduras before going to Ceiba, where they would work in a new hospital as part of SOS Childrens Village. Was good to catch up with them...and on that we parted company.

Me and Seb returning to our house for another dreaded dinner. I told them I had a headache...and I was introduced to a new method of curing, no it wasn´t injections this time...I was told to rub lime over my head. So I did...I rubbed lime across my head for maybe 15 minutes and to be honest with got rid of my headache. I don´t know if it actually worked, or if my headache ran laughing as to my stupidity...but whatever it was it worked. Unfortunately, dinner didn´t help Seb out. He had already eaten an undercooked burger and our grey meat tortilla wraps with a sauce that was drenched in sugar and fried plantains.
Seb, as thought, spent most of the night throwing up.

Seb managed to get to the bus stop on Friday, only to be told that there was no school. I was still in bed when he came back...actually I was still in bed 2 hours after he came back...but I was ill, the effects of the lime had worn off. The day was kind of useless, we didnt really do anything but chilled for most of the day...before meeting up with everyone at Fogon, cocktail bar/restauarant as the prelude to the leaving party for the Kiwi girls.
We headed off with our cans of beer, wine and other little goodies. Me, Todd, Melanie, Chantelle, AnneMarie and Kimberley (new girl from the Bronx!) Seb at this moment in time was throwing up (like the vomiting scene in the exorcist supposedly). But we got there, after a good half an hour of walking, through streets that looked like they were made of sinking sand.

But we got there, and if we thought we were in for a party, we underestimated it big time. The family had 4 girls, aged 16, 16, 17 and 18. Me and Todd were the only foreign guys there, odds were very very good...I have never danced so much..a good 4/5 hours just dancing...Todd getting his groove on with the Worm and me with my funky chicken. The girls themselves were grinding the whole time...was amazing. One of their brothers is the most incredible dancer I have seen in my life....he´s like the male version of Shakira, the things he was doing...I never knew your body could do things like that. Anyway, the night was fantastic, everyone seemed to have a great time. Kimberely and Annemarie grooved away and shook their booty, but threw in the towel at 10ish, at which point Todd was getting into the swing of things, especially with Sara.
I myself decided on Leticia, and although she was reluctant to dance...I got her to change her mind. It was truly a fantastic night...and also, there was a Piñata!!!!! And I got to have a awesome was that!
The kiwi girls were also going at it hard...especially Chantelle...who managed to finish 3/4 of the beer, and most of the Bacardi. She got me and Todd involved at one point, skulling beers and downing Bacardi (not by the shot may I add, but by the glass full!) Oh how ill I felt! Anyway, it was coming to the last dance time when Todd grabs me and says he needs to get out. I think he realized he was getting very close to Sara, who was nearly 8 years younger than he was. It was a fantastic night!

I shall miss those Kiwi girls, some of the craziest and nicest people I have met.
For those rugby fans, they know, as in are mates with New Zealand 7´s in proper international players. We are missing you girls!!!

Anyway before we left, he gave Sara his email address and I set up a meeting with Leticia for Monday. We left smiling, Todd a bit worried, but still enjoying...back up diarrhea roads we walked...where I wished Todd farewell as he was off as well. Arrived back at 1am...luckily having the door open cause Seb left it open...crawling into bed and falling dead asleep.

Seb and I were off to Siguatepece on Saturday...unfortunately due to my hangover we didn´t quite make it on the 5am bus...but managed to catch the 10am bus, where we met our old friends, Melanie and Chantelle, who were on their wat to Tegucigalpa, for their weekend before flying to Mexico and then England.

Well, Me and Seb got to Siguatepece, with our Honduras Tips (lonely planet for Honduras) and went to our first rooms...this was interesting as Siguatepece wouldn´t seem the place to be full...ever. Unfortunately, unknown to us, and the rest of Honduras seemingly...there was a Catholic celebration and all of the hotels in Siguatepece were full. Our weekend was ruined, not one place here had rooms available. But me and Seb wouldn´t let this ruin our weekend...we headed off to Wendy´s to recuperate. A chicken sensation later we were still discussing our plans...we saw a hummer pull in with US Aid written on the side of it...then some huuuuuuuuuuuge american reversed into a taxi, and when the taxi driver started shouting at him we rammed into him some more, before the taxi moved out of his way.
He then parked, came into Wendy´s, ordered a meal for 3, ate it, and left. Me and Seb went shopping in the mall...I don`t know if I have told you yet, but all my trousers have holes in them. Every single one. I had sowed them all up, but was in desperate need of some trousers, shoes (as mine stank and tore) and a I bought them and a CD I was getting quite bored of listening to my own voice attempting to sing. After a good shopping spree, and a well fed American´s lunch we got the hour and a half hour long bus back to La Esperanza.

After Seb´s stomach churning (literally) antics on the Friday we decided we should spend a weekend away from our homestay family. So we booked ourselves into one of the few hotels in La Esperanza, we called it the jail, because it was a jail before.
..with jail bars and everything in tact. Anyway, the woman was a bit weird...kept touching me, and then attempting to touch me in places where I need not be touched. So I locked the door and went to bed, only to find the toilet was over flowing when I woke up. So after getting the lady, who wore her nightdress whilst sweeping out the toilet! I decided it was time to leave and spent the rest of the day with Seb, buying CD´s, interneting, and eating at the chinese. We retired to our rooms just as the heavens opened.

Sunday itself was a pretty useless day. We got up, went to the market, bought a dustbin for our room, sat in the Central park, complained about how loud the church service was, checked out of the jail, went back to our homestay, got fed, were ready to Cabanos, and then the heavens opened. we went back home...attempted to explore more of La Esperanza...but it rained too much, so we were stuck in the house...flooded with water, no water, no electricity.

Monday...I decided I´d go say hello to the school with Seb, got to the bus stop to be told there was no school. So instead I waited for Leticia and talked to her for a bit, making another meeting outside her school at 4pm. Me and Seb returned back home, had another sleep, before going out to do some more admin stuff, regarding the new teacher. We spent the day sorting that out, giving more interviews etc and then met the girls are 4pm outside the school. After walking them home and talking to them we returned back to our little crib. We went and played football with some of the locals.
..and on that note, they´re very good...we played for a good hour or 2 and returned.
Tuesday it was my day to give more interviews. More interviews, and more teachers who couldn´t speak english...I started giving out flyers in La Esperanza. Went to Save The Children to discuss payment and contract terms as well...which took way longer than it should have, because everything is done at quite a slow place here. After meeting Leticia again at 4pm, it was decided that me and Seb would go to their cousins birthday fiesta at Leticia´s house. So me and Seb left at there and immediately the dancing started...Seb and Gladice, me and Leticia...for the whole night 7 till 11.30pm we danced, and it wasn´t normal dancing, ranging from salsa, reggaeton and for the last 2 hours pure dirty dancing.
Again, was the most fun I have had here...and Seb understood why I liked going back to their place! I´m getting into Reggaeton, very very close dancing.

Thursday brought a day of administration work. More interviews to take, more Honduran accounts to sort out, but mostly teaching some english to the adults in the town, doing that at Save The Children.

In the evening Seb, Meredith, Annemarie and I met up at Opallaca´s to have dinner, as Annemarie was leaving for Miami on Sunday (she´s Ozzy- not American!) We all shared a family barbecue meal, as normal, and after having some Strawberry cheesecake icecream, we gave Annemarie our goodbyes, and walked Meredith part of the way home. It was actually quite sad seeing Annemarie go, she´s definetely a character that me and Seb got on with very well..huge amounts of fun, a very sarcastic sense of humour, great great laugh. We spent most of the evening slagging off countries, Annemarie went on a rant about how stupid some immigration rules in Australia were. Oh I should say at this time that if you do not know....It is legal to shoot a Welshman from the walls of York with a bow and arrow after midnight. I thought that piece of information may interest some of you. I know I haven´t told all of you this interesting fact yet.
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The little baby!
The little baby!
La Esperanza
photo by: brett4321