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Our padlocked seat
After 2 weeks in La Esperanza me and Seb were going a bit cuckoo (it even got me in trouble with some people on my email list!), but it was easy to see why many people went to a life of drinking Boca!

So me and Seb were up again at the crack of dawn...ready to catch the 5am bus to San Pedro Sula again. We made the walk with our enormous rucksacks at 4am...Oso, our quite pathetic guard dog followed us the whole took a good 40 minutes to make the walk...there were no taxi´s in sight. Arriving at the bus stop the dog tried to board the bus with us, and it was a good hide and jump move that allowed us to get on the bus and leave without our beloved Alsation.

I slept most of the 4 hour journey...although I had a banging headache when arriving in San Pedro Sula . We taxi´d it to the Hedman Alas bus station where we didn´t just buy a normal bus ticket to La Ceiba.. .but we bought an Executive Plus ticket! That´s right the students without any money bought first class bus tickets. Before boarding we met this girl from Canada who was going through Honduras in order to do some shopping in Nicaragua . The bus journey is 10 hours to Nicaragua good luck to her, but yeh she was telling us about her time in Nicaragua and Mexico , which was good fun to hear about.

So an hour of waiting later, we boarded our bus. Our executive plus seats are padlocked so that no-one apart from us can sit on them. And each seat has a different key, so only those who have bought those seats can sit on it.
So we have huge amounts of leg room, enormous hand rests...and our seats fully recline...we got meals and drinks, and our own special was comfort the whole way. Although within the 1st minute of being in the seats we were asked to quieten down, as we started to stretch.

We arrived in Ceiba, the driest driest place in Honduras for the last few months...and it was raining. But it was ok, the rain lasted a whole 30 minutes and then it was as hot as anything again. We made our way from our taxi to our place of rest...The Banana Republic Guesthouse.

Some background info, an ex-American soldier stationed out in Honduras, when leaving the army bought land in the forest and 2 huge houses. One of these houses he turned into a guesthouse, called the Banana Republic Guesthouse, and his bit in the jungle he turned into a lodge, but he was also the first person to introduce zip wire canopy to the area.
Red highlights
They also offer cliff diving, white water rafting, kayaking and trekking through the forests as other excursions.

So we arrived early afternoon...checked into our room, which was basic but clean (the one thing we long for!) 2 beds, fan, working toilet and shower. We chilled in the room for a bit, deciding what to do. I fell asleep...had a nice little siesta for a couple of hours, after which we decided that it would be too expensive to trek through Pico Bonito or go to Rio we decided we'd go to a beach, the one in Ceiba seemed a good idea...I mean we were on the Caribbean coast at the end of the day!

So we paid the dollar to get the taxi there...and wasn´t Roatan...more like the North sea. A metre wide and a km long, with dirt, rubbish and who knows what else.
We smelt the air turned around and started walking back. We decided we´d therefore go to the we hadn´t seen a proper one for a while...and omg, it was like a little bit of America in the middle of Honduras. Enough food to keep any American happy...Me and Seb did a bit of shopping, I bought a pair of all of mine are sewn up. Also, after buying a 2 quid watch I decided it was time to get my hair cut, and I the night before when I had a shower I was picking out dead moths, ants etc from my hair. So I got red highlights, and a hair cut. Seb and I enjoyed a burger king burger (which came in American portions- so we could only actually have half of it!) We went and caught X-Men 3, The Final Battle...which I have to say was quite disappointing.

The next day, started early, in fact it was a 6am start...why? Well Me and Seb were off into the jungle, to do our zip wire canopy. We went with the the ex'army guy when he retired took some army vehicles with him. One of them was this huge monster of a truck...enormous thing...and when you are in it, it feels like nothing can touch you. It would have crushed any of the little cars in its way...was quite funny actually. So we get into the forest, the day is quite humid, but the place is stunning. The lodge is built just above the river..and you can easily venture down into the river, or chill out in the pools. But we headed off with Nemo (one of our guides- his name is actually Nemo, like the fish!) and Spike (I think)...Spike had been growing up in the area for his whole life, so he walks around in his bare feet.

But yes we got kitted up...helmet, harnesses, gloves...we were ready to go. We did th first zip wire, which was a practice run, just getting from one tree to the next, a 10m job, getting used to the positioning of the body and hands. It is such a weird feeling, just hanging off a piece of rope...and using your hands to balance yourself. But it was fine...and after the first practice run I was ready for the real thing. So the first REAL one was across the river, the rocks, the big valley, onto one of the rocks on the other side. I was first to go, and it went great, I felt like a bird, a really big bird, but a bird none the less. Then came Seb, and I think all that speed was a bit too much for Seb, because as he went across the river, he just grabbed the rope. And obviously, as you would guess what happens when one grabs a rope...they stop. So there was seb, above the raging river...stuck in the middle...after doing the one thing that we were told we should never do. So off went Nemo down the zip wire, grabbed Seb, and dragged himself and Seb back up.

Following this, we went on a hike up the forst for half an hour. Spike showed us all the different plants, natural medicines etc, and a few animals, macaw´s, monkey´s etc. It was so amazing, but so tiring, and that was after half an hour at sea level...Macchu Picchu at its highest point of 4600m will be interesting! It was then 7 zip wires in a row...was incredible...dodging in between trees, and making sure you don´t crash into the platforms opposite. The last zip wire was a spectacular 660 foot-long zipline across the Rio Cangrejal travelling at 60kmph on a wire!!!! Was exhilarating, but very very tiring. So once we finished, we headed back to the lodge, had a platter of fruit, and relaxed in the relaxing! Could have stayed there forever! We ventured down to the rivers, bundled over boulders and rocks, and then realized there was a path carved out round the back. We went swimming in the river, but the current was very strong, so we thought we´d get out before we get dragged down stream. We were thinking of doing white water rafting, but the water was too low, it was also too low for cliff diving, which was very annoying, because it was the one thing I was looking forward to most.

We grabbed a ride back out of the forest in the army super truck, and headed back...had a little rest and then met our first crazy little kids. So Oscar (the guy who owns the place) has two little kids Jeronimo and Joshua. And these 2 kids maybe the craziest things I have met in my life. They started beating Seb with cups, and it was only a matter of time before I got involved, so me and Seb were running around the place, being chased by psycopathic kids. They hit us with cups, bamboo sticks, banana leaves, basketballs, a pre-school basketball net and other random things. Jeronomo started poking this tad overweight American lady and started jumping on her, making her move out of the seat. It was a tiring time, but Cathy (the kids parents) said that if I was ever back in Ceiba that I can stay in the guesthouse for free, and use all of the facilities at jungle lodge for free, and get extra pay, if I was to babysit her kids some more. Sweet offer, although the prospect of having knives, swords and who knows what else thrown at me by crazy kids...hmmm didn´t seem too amusing.

The night brought over eating after a trip to Pizza hut, which made me and Seb both very ill. And a gorgeous sleep later, we awoke at 5am for our bus back to La Esperanza.

At San Pedro Sula we bumped into Meredith, who was on her way back from Copan with Annemarie...who had by now left for the sunny sands of Miami (who can blame her!) Meredith wasn´t impressed with our throwing our pizza´s out the window routine...but I´m sure she likes us! Got back to La Esperanza, and after chilling out for a while, went straight to was time for my last hoorah at school on Monday.
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Our padlocked seat
Our padlocked seat
Red highlights
Red highlights
La Ceiba
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