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ugh.  i need to interrupt the happy happy flow of this blog on two accounts.

1.  my uncle (actually dad's first cousin) ivan passed away the other night.  i found out from a cousin while logged onto was a freak accident...choked on food during a dinner party at his home.  very bizarre.  he was a happy, loving man with seven grandchildren.  i am so sad that his family is suffering right now.  i am sad that i will not be able to ever receive one of his fantastic hugs again.  it is a strange feeling to find out something like this while on a wonderful vacation... a lot of conflicting emotions.  i have often thought about that as one of the repercussions of living so far from home....that you are not present to grieve with your loved ones. 

2.  my camera somehow disappeared last night.  my brand new water and shock proof olympus camera....complete with 500ish photos from the trip.  i know that it was still in my hand very close to the end of the evening (uh, morning).  it was either left in the club or in the taxi that we took home.  i have some locals doing some calling around - detective work, and i have offered a $300 USD reward for its return.  i still need to wait until the club opens this evening to find out if it is there...and i am really trying to stay positive, but its a shitty, shitty way to start the new year.  i know that its not the end of the world... nor is it anywhere near as awful as #1 above.  but it sucks! 

if you have read this, please take a moment to send some positive energy to my kinfolk as well as some honesty energy to whomever has my camera.  these were certainly not the types of words i had intended to write today...but so it goes.


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photo by: Mezmerized