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ahhh...just two days later and i wound up in another country.  thailand, to be more specific.  koh lipe, to be precise. 

after christie met up with annabelle and i, we spent the day exploring penang...what an AWESOME city.  so colorful.  so photogenic.  so delicious.  we had yet another amazing indian meal (we wanted 'malay' food but were not in the mood to sit at plastic tables under flourescent lighting...it was xmas, after all and we were keen on 'dining'...which we did.  we were given banana leaves in lieu of plates and had palak paneer, another paneer dish that i cant remember the name of and alu gobi and it kicked the ass of any indian food i've had. 

the next morning, we headed out on the 8:30 ferry to langkawi...not anything remarkable, just another ferry.  so, annabelle and i had met a couple on our first night in penang who told us that koh lipe, an idyllic thai island, was just an hour hop on a speedboat from langkawi.  christie had heard the same from several travelers she met...we were told that the diving was a thousand times better than the palau payar marine park (in fact, time out malaysia basically said that palau payar was only good diving if you were norweigan and had only dived in icy lakes, in which case the water temp would be a welcome relief).  so we decided that instead of planting ourselves in langkawi, then upping ourselves to get on yet another ferry...we would just hope that there was one leaving that afternoon...which, in fact, there was. 

by 3 pm, we arrived in EXACTLY the kind of place we were all hoping for.  instead of setting up camp on the "big, developed" beach (which, in comparison to most places is actually pretty quaint) we opted for the most secluded of the three beaches...took a long tail over and arrived at the PORN resort on sunset beach.  our beachfront bungalows are only 200 baht a night ($6) and it's just picture perfect.  crystal clear water.  soft, white sand.  a dive shop.  there are no atms on the island.  no overgrown frat boys.  no 7-11's.  just sand and sea and sky (and obviously, a few internet cafes, which i had to walk 20 minutes to get to).  the weather is absolutely perfect.  my new underwater camera is stellar.  we are set to do 2 dives tomorrow to places with great vis and abundant marine life. 

am so, so chilled out right now.  off to paint and write and slurp down some tom yum and sip the sunshine.  sabay, sabay.  god, i love this country.  that said, we are planning to head back to langkawi for a few days to do some kayaking and to hang with some of the many, many monkeys i saw in the 15 minute taxi ride from one harbour to the other. 

i dont feel bad that i left my intended destination to come back to a country that i have already been to several times.  when travelling, i have found that the WHAT is way more important than the WHERE.  mission(s) accomplished.  life is SWEET!
cja17 says:
"we wanted 'malay' food but were not in the mood to sit at plastic tables under flourescent lighting". Ha! Yes!! I had an awesome Beef Rendang in Kota Kinabalu this summer - in a restaurant that had all the ambience of a public restroom...
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
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Koh Lipe
photo by: Mezmerized