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ok, only have a few minutes here.  my compadres are across the road (um, footpath) having drinks.  so, unfortunately that wreck dive didnt work out so well for me.  couldn't equalize my ears, so i watched the others descend while i floated on the surface for a moment before hopping back on the boat.  (the worst part is i had already paid for the dive, so i basically paid 1,000 baht for band aids...i used a lot of them though  : ) 

however..........  the next two dives were absolutely gorgeous.  in between the dives, we stopped at this totally secluded beach on an uninhabited island.  correction - the island is indeed, inhabited...by thousands of hermit crabs.  cute little suckers.  anyway, after taking a nap on the softest ever sand, we went out for another dive.  this was one of those dives (i've only had one or two before where i get this particular feeling) where it almost seems as if you become invisible, like you are just absorbed by the environment...we were surrounded by huge-ass rocks which were overflowing with spectacular soft coral....schools of fish barely part as they swim past you...everything around you is moving and breathing and darting.  we saw a tremendous moray eel out of its cave (usually you can just spot the head poking out), saw a cool white pipefish...a few lions...  it was a perfect dive to be my last for the time being...i'm glad those images are the ones that will stay in my head until i make it to honduras this summer.  oh yeah, when we surfaced next to a teeny tiny island called koh pong, an adorable monkey was sitting on a rock watching us.  perhaps he was thinking "hmmmm what strange kind of fish are THOSE???

tonight, we went to this italian restaurant on the beach ( i know, i know, i'm in thailand...but i live in korea, and this was PROPER italian made by ITALIANS).  anyhow, the food was delicious and moderately priced but when the bill arrived, it turned out that the eight glasses of wine that the four of us drank (our dive master, elias, has become part of our family here) were twice as expensive as the meal itself.  SHADY...especially since we had asked for a wine list and they had just listed our options verbally instead of showing us a menu.  it left a sour taste in my mouth.

but as soon as we got to our next stop, i let it go, as that next stop was one i had planned to make on each of my previous visits to thailand but never happened.  i finally did it.  got a bamboo tattoo.  its the first new ink i've gotten in almost ten years and it is my FAVORITE!  it stings a little, but the pain is offset by the fact that for some reason, the room is rocking as if i were still on a long tail boat (no alcohol or drugs involved). 

think am gonna round up the troops and head off for bed.  we're off to langkawi tomorrow, which i've heard from some people i met has some of the most phenomenal nature.  looking forward immensely.  and woo-hoooooo, MONKEYS!!!
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Koh Lipe
photo by: Mezmerized