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i'm so tired i can barely keep my eyes open...but if i dont wrap things up here and now i know i will wake up from the nap i am so looking forward to and slip back into real life and i will never record the final impression of my trip.

i left off on new years day...having "lost" my camera.  after spending a good chunk of the day checking and rechecking my bags, talking to some locals and putting up signs offering a $300USD reward, i finally resigned myself to the fact that it was probably gone.  i went to my room and sat down on the bed next to a very hungover christie.  we decided that the last hope was to wait until the club, sunba, that we had been at the previous night opened and drop in there to see if the staff had recovered it.  as we gave each other a solemn nod, christie put her hand down on the bed and from under the sheet, she produced...  my camera.  i was so overjoyed that i didnt even care that i had wasted a perfectly good new years morning hunting for it. 

one of my favorite quotes of all time is by kahlil gibran..." the deeper sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain." almost the same concept here... had i not been so balled up with anxiety about my camera, i mostlikely would never have felt the enourmous sense of relief and freedom that i felt when it was found.  i think the locals who had begun to spread the word about my camera were actually disappointed that i found it, as $300 is equivalent to a months salary for them...i was shocked that when i went to take down the reward signs at the reggae bar just how many people had been "on the case."

so, now, the only casualty of the trip are my feet.  between cuts on the backs of my heels from fins, my new tattoo, nicks from coral, accidentaly walking through a patch of barbed wire on NYE and being perpetually swollen from the heat and walking in flip flops, they are in a sorry state.

langkawi was fun and a very pretty island, but the fact that we werent able to rent motorbikes for exploring really limited us.  we did a bunch of shopping, eating and listening to live reggae.  fun, but after coming from koh lipe, which might just be my new personal heaven...well, it really paled in comparison.

the last day was super hectic.  we had a sad goodbye with christie at the langkawi airport and flew to penang, where annabelle and i decided to hit the mall, where we spent most of the day - when living in korea, finding stores that have 'western sized' clothing and a borders books is really quite exciting.  then, we hightailed it to georgetown to eat one last indian meal (which was rushed but worth it) and then flew from penang to kuala lampur...from kuala lampur to seoul...from seoul to busan.  i slept through 90% of the flying time, but EXHAUSTED. 

i am happy to report that my apartment appears to be rat free and thankfully i left it clean for myself.  nap, laundry food shopping, upload photos, dinner, trivia night.  then tomorrow, its back to the grind.

i give my trip two thumbs up.  next time i hit malaysia, it'll be kuala lampur and the perenthians...unless, of course, i somehow wind up in thailand again.  with my track record, that's certainly possible.
sylviandavid says:
Whew.... what a sad day.... I am confused why the camera was under the sheet..... sylvia
Posted on: Jan 02, 2010
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