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one of the many halls you might find yourself in at the Louvre
Okay, I do appreciate art; I love beautiful things (who doesn't?) and I can certainly appreciate talent, skill, and creative genius. But I have never been a rabid museum goer. I mean after awhile, how many more Italian frescoes can one take in? It would be just like if I was surrounded by gorgeous Brad Pitt lookalikes every day - after awhile it would be no big deal and possibly even a little boring.

But the Louvre, well, that is a museum in it's very own category. Yeah, it's a Paris cliche, but it is so because of it's sheer grandeur. The collections are impressive, but the building and grounds are what really shine. And it is absolutely freakin huge. Like get lost and feel like a five year old seperated from mom in the supermarket huge.

During the three days I spent in the city of light I visited the Louvre twice. I went once during the day, coupled with a top five tour of the city. But it was the visit in the evening (they are open from 6 until 9 pm at a discount on certain days - Tuesdays I think) that really lingers in my memory.

Maybe it was the twinkle of the lights in such a ridiculously romantic setting, maybe it was that everything within the museum took on this hushed elegance that was hidden in the frenetic crowds of the day. All I know is that there were times when I found myself to be the only person in a gallery, usually one that was tucked away in some room around some corner. The Louvre has many such rooms and at times it can feel like a maze. At night, when slightly lost and almost alone, the Louvre can actually feel downright spooky. Like you might enter a room and find that Louvre murder scene from Da Vinci Code reenacted before your very eyes.

After all, I did see an albino guy that night I visited the Louvre. He wasn't dressed in monk habit, but still.......

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one of the many halls you might fi…
one of the many halls you might f…
photo by: Sweetski