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It was nice as well. Things were cheap and lots of new things to see. They have forests here that haven’t been cut down yet. It was so nice to be in one of those again. Monkeys everywhere too. That was so cool. Did a hike in forest in the southeast and saw some golden monkeys. It was fun to do a simple walk in the woods and monkeys were just a bonus.


I did go kind of rafting one day on the Nile. I had three choices. Rafting and tandem kayaking. I been rafting a few time before and I was little bored with it. Kayak looks cool. But the other option was to go body boarding down the falls. I was stupid and did the boarding. It wasn't fun being called croc biscuit and having to swim to keep up with the rafters. The class 5 rapids were pretty fun on the board. I don't really know what happened, but it was still fun.


Begging in Kampala

There were these dirty, starving kids (sub five years old) everywhere begging.

There is no parent in sight. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. If you give them food their parents runs out and takes it from the kid. You just wanted to take the kid and treat him right.


Waiting lines

Waiting in a line is very aggressive. You’d think you were trying to get a NBA rebound, with lots of pushing and elbows going everywhere. It doesn't make the line go any faster. Grown men will push old ladies and kids out of their way.


Culture of bigger things rule

If you’re in a semi truck, you own the road. If you’re walking you don't belong on the road. When cars pass a biker or walkers, they honk, in order to get you off the road. Which is crazy because the other lane is open and the walkers are on the shoulder anyway. I saw a guy get hit by a van’s side window. The dude just kept walking. He didn’t look upset in anyway. I guess he knows his place.


Getting in a taxi or bus check list

Is the car running smoothly?

Are the wheels attached with more than one lug nut?

Are the steering wheel and pedals on the same side of the car?

Do the wipers work?

Do the lights work?

Is the bumper still there?

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Biting Red Ants
photo by: loanna