The Tenth day of Christmas

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Happy New Year!

Today we ate breakfast with Rosemary and the kids and packed everything up, said our c-ya laters and hit the road. The temp today is great with a slight chill on the breeze but definitely better than the 30 degrees that it is back home. We swing by burger king to pick up breakfast for Audrey’s and her kiddos and drop it off. The kids are so big now; it’s amazing how fast children grow. The oldest Carmen remembers me but they all remember Devin because he was always over their house and going to the park with them. Most of the time I wasn’t invited for my own good, and it gave me time to finish school work. We say our goodbyes and hit the road back on I-10. The road out of here is straight and rough but not as flat as New Mexico. Ranch after ranch line the highway and each one has a name: Nuevo Ranch; Stray Hare Ranch, ect…There is also an animal sanctuary on the right hand side of the road, its huge! We can see buffalo, ostriches, lamas and some other things we can’t make out. There are also Rattlesnake farms, why? I have no idea but there they are. We press on down the road at about 10 miles over the speed limit which is about 80mph. Once you come up over a hill here you can see for about 2 or 3 miles so the cops are easily visible. It’s the ones that sneak up behind you that get you. Nothing much to see in this part of Texas other than ranches. We pass over the Colorado River and the Guadalupe, which are both relatively small and dry at this point in the river. Oil fields come and go but in fields instead of the desert floor like in west Texas. I take note that there are trees here, at some point the trees came back. 

We soar through East Texas and through Louisiana, a few years ago I was down here for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and from Houston clear through into Mississippi was nothing but devastation. Hundreds of miles of blue tarps covered houses; every single billboard was destroyed there were no advertisements at all for the entire stretch. Fallen trees lined the sides of the highways, yards and where there were no houses the woods were visibly twisted and fallen. It stayed like that for a couple of years, now, bright new billboards line the highway, no blue tarps are visible, the roads are clear and the woods neat. They have done an amazing job bouncing back from the devastation of the two hurricanes.

As the sun goes down into Louisiana we cross what has to be a 15 mile long bridge over top of the swamp. Occasionally below we can see lights in the swamp from shacks and a house. This is scary. But I don’t see that these people are any different than those who live in trailers out in the Arizona desert in the middle of no where. We skirt through New Orleans and it lit in all of its beauty, the highway takes you right past the superdome and downtown. If you have never been to New Orleans the only thing I will say is….you should go.

With the sun down there isn’t much to see through Alabama and Mississippi other than the highway goes under ground in Mobile and then over the water where a battleship is lit in the distance. I’m getting tired at this point about, we’re about 10hrs into the trip but  I do not want to drive far tomorrow so we will drive to Tallahassee.

At about 2am we pull into the hotel parking lot, we check in, I jump in the shower so does Devin and just like that its bed time. Short drive tomorrow to Beaufort SC.

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Tallahassee Hotels & Accommodations review
The room here was large and clean there was a fridge microwave and safe, the staff was very friendly even at 2am. Not bad for the price.
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