The Sixth day of Christmas

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The seventh day of Christmas

Today we woke up early to get a good run at the road ahead, the next destination is San Antonio TX. This means we are going to have to back track along I-10 until the road splits just past El Paso. We drove the road in to Cali in the dark so it will be nice to see what it looks like in the day time on the way out. We stop to gas up, swing by burger king and we’re off. The sun is just starting to break over the mountains as we get on the road, I was hoping to leave earlier but at this point I’m not really feeling bad because it’s such a beautiful view.

Devin in central Texas
The snow caps on the mountains are starting to reflect the sun’s rays and I know we have to head back up that route to get out of here, hopefully we won’t run into that snow.

We head up into the mountains and at some point after we reach the peak the road flattens out and once again we can see for miles at a time. This is the road that was closing in on me the other night in the dark but now it seems so open and welcoming. As we drive for a little while longer off to the left in the distance in the side of the mountain is a concrete structure with windows. Someone has built something in the mountain; you can’t help but wonder what in the world is going on there. The miles on this road go by quickly because the speed limit is 75 and everyone knows you get at least a 10mph buffer.

The beauty of the central Texas
So yes we are tearing through the desert, the weather report is signaling snow in Las Cruces and El Paso. That means we will have to drive for more than 14 hrs just to escape the snow, if you’ve read in previous blogs the snow has not been a friend to us on this trip so it’s best to avoid a repeat.  California and Arizona pass by pretty quickly well all within about 8hrs. A few sights we see are a nuclear power plant outside of Phoenix and a factory literally in the middle of nowhere, and I mean nowhere. I have a friend of a friend I met in Maryland that lives out here in Arizona. She said that there is nothing out here but I mean really there is nothing. The rock formations just past Tombstone AZ are amazing, they appear to be perfectly round rocks stacked on top of each other, it defies logic to understand how they got there, there are so many of them.
I-10 about 100 miles west of San Antonio

We head back through the pass between Arizona and New Mexico and once again the flattest road that I have ever driven stretches out before us. Once again the sky and the earth breed nothing but road only this time the sun is beginning to set behind us, I would love to get to Texas before it gets dark, we are in a race with the weather now. The snow will be on its way to our area in 3 hrs and I need to get past the predicted snow line before it gets here. To be stuck in the snow in this part of America would mean surviving on your own until the snow melted. There are no towns on the next exit here, the next exit may be 30 miles away and it may just be a road. Looking at the landscape its not hard to imagine that this part of America hasn’t been settled but I don’t think Americans really understand that so much of this country hasn’t been populated.

  We stop in El Paso to eat at Taco Cabana and we have a great view of Juarez Mexico, it is a huge city across the border that seems so peaceful to look at in the night. The orange lights from street lamps seem to light every inch of that city. However, looks can be deceiving , Juarez is the home of one of the deadliest drug wars in Mexico. In the last 2 yrs 4000 civilians have been killed there, Americans who cross the border are sometimes kidnapped and held for ransom, border patrol agents are shot at with machine guns from the other side of the border. This is news that hardly ever makes national news but if you live near the border its well known, even in my 4yrs in TX it was constantly on local news but never CNN, or Fox. As we are about to leave the restaurant a lady asks me in Spanish, where I got my winter hat, without thinking I tell her in Spanish I got it from Target. Its funny how things come back to you, like speaking a second language.  She looked disappointed and she said there is not target here, I gave her my condolences and we headed back to the long road ahead after all we are on a schedule.

A few five hour energy drinks and a second wind later we wrap up 16 hrs of driving in a small town called Fort Stockton Texas. I am beat and we check into the smallest hotel room we have seen yet, motel 6, but at this point I would take a couch. I think we made it past the weather but we will have to see in the morning, only 5hrs till San Antonio. We have jumped 3 time zones, crossed the mountains, the desert, the continental divide, and outran a snow storm, I think that’s enough for one day.

MDandbeyond says:
I wish he could have by the end of this day I was worn out!
Posted on: Jan 02, 2010
Dalmia says:
Whoa...a "few" 5 hour energy drinks!! Tell me you had Devin drive a stretch or two to help you out!! LOL!
Posted on: Dec 31, 2009
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Devin in central Texas
Devin in central Texas
The beauty of the central Texas
The beauty of the central Texas
I-10 about 100 miles west of San A…
I-10 about 100 miles west of San …
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