The Seventh Day of Christmas

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Devin in front of the Alamo

Since we are only 5 hrs away from San Antonio I decided it was a good day to sleep in and try to recover from the previous days trip. I was hesitant to open the window today out of fear that the snow storm I thought we outran the day before had caught us after all. I cautiously opened up the curtain and no snow....WHEW! It dawned on me the irony of having to worry about snow only in Texas and I get in the shower to get ready for the day. Check out time for the hotel is at 12pm and at 12:05 we were checking out, no need to rush this part of the trip as we planned for a few days in San Antonio. We stop and grab a bite to eat at IHOP and stop at the gas station where Gary, a black trucker with a slight beard is telling Angel, the clerk how driving through the snow storm last night was intense. His eyes get wide as he explains how bad it was in Las Cruces. This was the reason we drove so hard yesterday and from the sounds of it we made the right choice by out running it. I don’t tell him that though and wish them both a happy holiday. When I step outside there is a very faint drizzle, its overcast and cold, at this point I cant get to San Antonio fast enough.

The road through this part of Texas is starting to change there is no more flat desert but there are rolling plains that stretch off into distant mountains. Every so often there are parking areas that allow for great pictures, still the towns are far between and occasionally the road goes through blasted rock. Its best to watch for fallen rocks here, you can see the limestone rocks crumbling on the sides of the hills here. Occasionally there are oil wells grouped together or a drilling rig off in a very distant field, the personal wealth from these wells is no doubt in the millions. Its mind blowing to think of how much rock they have to go through to even get to the oil but money is always a great motivator.

As we get closer to the city I recognize certain places on the outside of the city but it has grown so much. Outside of the city limits there used to be trees and rocks, now there are targets and bass pro shops. The beauty of the city though is unmistakable; San Antonio is built with a unique south Texas flair no matter where you go in the city. Memories start flooding back to me as we pass the University of Texas San Antonio of days attending class there. I wonder why I ever left this city because I liked it so much, but then I remember how the money called me out. What I wouldn’t give to make the same amount of money here, I’d be back here in a heartbeat. We swing by our old neighborhood and house to see if our friends were still there but no luck. After going down a few other streets on memory lane we head to our friends house where we will be staying for a couple of days.

Rosemary, Elijah, Sebastian, Klarissa, all welcome us into their house. Rosemary’s mom and sister are also there to greet us. Her mom makes us dinner and we talk as the kids take off upstairs to play. Devin didn’t miss a beat within 10min I hear him and the kids laughing. After catching up and showering it was good to have a home to sleep in after being on the road for so long. Despite my protest Rosemary gave me her bedroom and in no time I was feeling comfortable and in that dream/awake zone happy to be “home” in SA.

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Devin in front of the Alamo
Devin in front of the Alamo
The last pic we took for our 3 day…
The last pic we took for our 3 da…