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0930 a late start today

Today we woke up and look outside the land around us is flat with rocky hills in the distance, the sun is shining and people are moving.

This is I-10 through New Mexico
  Today we make the final push to Cali depending on if we stop to see anything. Well onward we go.


After the past two days you can imagine that the feel of a bed and a hot shower is a comfort that we weren’t ready to give up easily, so we checked out of the hotel in Las Cruces at 11. It wasn’t the fanciest of rooms but it was very comfortable. The scene from the hotel room in the morning was a welcome sight and gave us new energy. We made the decision today to push on to Cali, we should arrive by tonight, as its about an 11.5 hour drive. I’ve decided to stay in San Bernardino tonight instead of anything closer to the city. I imagine that the same rules apply for any city, meaning the closer to the city you get the worse it gets. There is about an hours drive from the hotel to Hollywood but that is small change compared to the past few days.

Last night we drove into Las Cruces in the dark so this is the first time we are seeing what New Mexico has to offer.

I-10 desolate and nothing for miles
We start down the highway and it is immediately clear that this is going to be a different drive from the past two days. Immediately on the highway the territory looks so dry, rocks everywhere, and no trees at all….none. Not to far down the road we come upon a boarder patrol check point, we heard today that someone tried to blow up an airplane in Detroit, so these guy are working hard today. About 50 more miles down the road we are starting to realize that this isn’t the south west, this is THE west, the wild west, there is a railroad track off to our right and an old trail that has to be the path that was blazed out west by settlers. There are no houses in sight here and everything is completely flat, road signs warn us of dust storms and zero visibility for the next 45 miles. Its hard to imagine how covered wagons, women, children and men for that much even survived out here. I-10 through New Mexico is an unforgiving and arid place and yet here along side the road in the middle of the desert, leaning up against a bridge that goes over a dry stream are two hitchhikers holding a sign “West or Bust”. I guess there are still those backpackers who are brave enough to go it on foot rather than a vehicle, I couldn’t imagine.
Can anything live in this part of New Mexico?

Its hard to describe the drive here. The road is completely flat and straight. You can see further down the road here than you could through west Texas. On the horizon you can see the sky meet the earth and where that happens it’s as if there is liquid that is giving birth to more road. I have never driven so straight for so long with nothing surrounding me. Occasionally there is the abandoned shell of a building from long ago standing in the distance, or the metallic rotating wind direction that I’ve only seen in books. The train runs parallel to the road and occasionally there are abandoned train cars in the middle of no where but make no mistake, the drive through New Mexico is not very exciting but just seeing the sheer nothingness is a place like America will have you amazed.


As we start to leave New Mexico into Arizona there is a pass that you have to go through. Up the hill past two rock formations that make you feel miniscule, the pass comes out to the most breathtaking view that I have ever seen in my life.

Mountains rising in the distance in Las Cruces
From the top of this hill headed down you can see for what has to be hundreds of miles, off into the desert the worn trail carries off away from the highway into the distance, thinking again it has to be the western push from long ago. The road becomes rougher and off to the left is a small town again almost a ghost town. The school has tires half buried in the ground painted red, white, and blue, the swings hang on old chains and there is a giant metal turtle there that must get to at least 200 degrees in the summer. The only reason I can think of for this being here is the cold war, the town has every bit the look of an old military town, only now there is no one there, left there, cars, houses, toys all just there. Devin and I start to think that this is where people who were scared of a nuclear attack came to get away. And the isolation is probably why they see so many aliens out here.

The road through Arizona twists and winds through nothingness then mountains then nothing again but every bit is as fascinating as the past few miles. Occasionally we see a factory or houses off in the distance and wonder “What the heck?” A futile question but worth asking.

New Mexico
We head through Tucson and Phoenix, still followed by the railroad tracks the mountains here are beautiful. But the sun is setting on us and we are losing our view of the sights.

We cross into California in the night and surprisingly the road is as flat as Arizona. At this point I don’t know if it’s the days of driving or the desert driving that is getting to me but it is something. As I look forward it’s as if I’m chasing the sunset trying to hold on to the last bit of light before darkness closes in on me. Behind me now I can see nothing and on the sides of me nothing but darkness, no lights, no houses nothing. The only thing I can see is the road ahead, and because its so flat its as if I’m not moving anywhere anymore, its like the road is coming at me now. Very strange feeling, almost like a video game.  I’ll be more than happy to get to Cali.

Finally out of the mountains and from the top of the mountain I can see lights everywhere in the valley. I wouldn’t recommend driving this road at night but I wouldn’t recommend seeing this sight at any other time except for night.

The mountains rise in the distance out of Mexico
It is amazing! Headed to the hotel for a good nights sleep and off to be a tourist tomorrow.   

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This is I-10 through New Mexico
This is I-10 through New Mexico
I-10 desolate and nothing for miles
I-10 desolate and nothing for miles
Can anything live in this part of …
Can anything live in this part of…
Mountains rising in the distance i…
Mountains rising in the distance …
New Mexico
New Mexico
The mountains rise in the distance…
The mountains rise in the distanc…
Hotel view
Hotel view
Distant mountain ranges on the Mex…
Distant mountain ranges on the Me…
Hotel view
Hotel view
Arizona pass in the distance, like…
Arizona pass in the distance, lik…
Can you find the end of this road,…
Can you find the end of this road…
Hotel view
Hotel view
New Mexican desert.
New Mexican desert.
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