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After several beers last night, getting up this morning was fun. A few awkward inferences to Matt and his flatmate's sister, Nicole (whose name he couldn't remember til told today) hooking up last night, and we were off to Leicester Square, where we decided we absolutely had to go out tonight-all my favorite bars and clubs are in this area and I had so many good memories at places like the Zoo Bar, Metra, etc. Matt decided that he was going to be our tour guide, and pointed out sights, stating 'facts', some of which I knew not to be completely true, but I knew best to keep my mouth shut around him about that sort of thing. We wandered around and saw all the major sights, from Big Ben and Parlaiment, to the London Eye, Westminster Chapel, Tower of London, etc.

It was all just as beautiful as I remembered it to be, and while my memory for how to get to certain places was a bit fuzzy after two years, on top of my general lack of sense of direction, I still felt like I was right at home, like I had been here just yesterday. It's funny how time and memories can do that to you-in one sense it feels like forever since I left London, but being back it feels like I never left. This city has some sort of hold on me that I can't really describe, and time again I shake my head at how dynamic it is-a classy city with everything from history to royalty, amazing shopping and restaurants representing just about every slice of the world. The architecture is amazing, the intimate pub culture makes me smile, and the diversity is just fantastic. And all that isn't even mentioning the amazing nightlife. I'd live here again in a second I think...

Anyway, after a terribly bland sandwich at a cozy pub (I didn't say all the food was good here), Matt decided to head back to get some rum for tonight's "BOP," a club/party the University puts on every friday night. The three of us girls decided that a trip to London wouldn't be complete without seeing the Tower of London, and with promises that it was only 20 minutes walking, we set off to find it. Our little stroll ended up taking about 45 minutes as we kept stopping to watch things like the street performers along the Thames. One of the coolest things we saw was two men down on a small shore along the river, who were making giant sand sculptures of peoples' faces who volunteered to model. Makes me wonder how some people get into tandom hobbies like this.

When we finally made it to the bridge, it definitely didn't dissapoint. I'd decided to not take my camera, as I figured I already had all the photos I could ever take of London already, but couldn't resist a shot of the bridge glowing like it was lit up for a Princess at sunset. Absolutely freezing, we headed back, and were fandangled into going to the BOP instead of heading all the way into central London, but decided to head to a pub in Putney for a quick drink. This ended up being the highlight of our night, as the BOP proved to be full of 19 year old kids dressed up like chav's to fit the theme. Oooh Roehampton-quite an impression you make! For a fabulous send-off from the club, we left when Nicole spotted Matt making out with another girl in the middle of the floor, not the way to make the girl you spent all of the night before kissing happy...

Tomorrow should be fun though-I'm meeting up with Ashley, my old roomate from when I studied here, and her English husband, Charlie. I believe the Imperial War Museum then the Gloucester Arms for the Six Nations rugby game against Scotland are on the schedule.

anupa_rk says:
Fun reading your blog :)
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
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