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The beaches of Nha Trang reminded me somewhat of Hawaii

Nearly twelve hours on a 'It's just an eight hour bus ride,' brought Craig and I to the beautiful city of Nha Trang last night just after dark. Several hours before we got there, we stopped at a restaurant called "Nha Trang Restaurant," which had given us much false hope that we'd be there soon, to no avail.

We decided to make it a drinking night and make some random friends, putting off snorkeling til the day after next, which brought us to a dingy bar with a fairly disgusting bucket of something vodka and red, which is the best I can describe it, other than you had to try not to cringe with every sip you took. While it was loads of fun, I failed miserably at pool, living up to my claims of 'Sometimes I'm really terrible,' reminding myself of all the nights that I've managed to make this claim and be labeled a shark to feel a bit better about my defeats.

We spent the rest of the night at a bar called "Why Not?" Because, well, why not? Free shots from a lovely Irish man made up for the rude bartenders who would barely give us the time of day, and we soon met three English guys as we joined them at their table, and despite Craig's claims of hating football, and our plans to go snorkeling, we agreed to meet them tonight at the same bar to watch the England v Algeria (or something) game at 1 AM, which brought us to more buckets after a day of swimming and laying on the beach and reading in the shade, as we couldn't take cool refuge in our hotel. There's been little rain in Vietnam this year, which means the hydroelectric power is in short supply, thus electricity has to be imported all the way from China, and they only have it after 4:30 PM, which sent us on a desperate search of the city to find a place with generator enough to make us a fruit smoothie.

We met the guys around midnight and drank more while the one seemingly in charge brought out his red, blue, and white facepaint and started making us all into living British flags. Yes, I did support a country in the World Cup other than my own, but to be fair, the US doesn't really have a fighting chance, and England is "my team." After we were all painted up, we headed down to the Sailing Club, which had set up a giant projector screen with the game on it. It was a terrible game, with no one scoring until near the very end, with a draw being the result, at least as much as I can remember-I had quickly become bored and stopped paying attention.

Craig wasn't feeling terribly well, so he headed back, and I stayed out with the guys for a bit to get some food, which ended up being some delicious Pho, the local dish of white noodles in soup. We met a rather interesting character in his late fifties I'd guess, who claimed to have made all his money for the past twenty odd years by smuggling drugs, then settling down and marrying a Vietnamese lady. Some of his "facts" didn't quite seem to add up, but whatever. One of the "more gentleman," (or so he claimed) of the guys agreed to walk me back to my hotel so I wouldn't have to go through the streets alone, and when we got there, I was worried for a second that I wouldn't get in with the front gates locked, but a good half minute of banging on the metal door woke someone up to let me in, and I was fast asleep at the fabulous hour of half four (yeah, I've started even keeping time like a Brit) hoping tomorrow's snorkeling would still be amazing in what is sure to be a very sleepy state...

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The beaches of Nha Trang reminded …
The beaches of Nha Trang reminded…
Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85