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Catching Daniel off-guard...perhaps the sunglasses are to help with a hangover?

'You have to call a cat a cat,' my new Belgian friend keeps telling me in his French accent. 'You have to say it how it is,' I reply. After a long 10 hour day on the train from Berlin to Krakow, I was finally here and ready to go out on the town, so it was once again time to play the 'who wants to be my friend today?' game. It wasn't long before I met four French speaking Belgian guys in the hostel's common room and was taking, or rather sipping as they were, shots of Captain Morgan rum with them, translating phrases from French to English and vice versa, hence the calling a cat a cat thing, which they kept saying all night.

Two of them speak better English than the others, and sometimes they slip into conversation in their native language, only for one of them a minute later to begin by, 'We are talking about.

..' and then explain, which is cool that they're making sure to include me When I asked them what they plan on doing tonight I get an enthousiastic, 'We make party of course!' Perfect. So that's how, after a rather sketchy and funny-colored cheeseburger at a tiny cafe near my Orange Hostel that looked like it was decorated for Halloween, I ended up being swung around the dance floor for several hours at a club whose name I don't think I even paid attention to in the first place.

We didn't walk around all too much before going out, but what I did see of the main square I was impressed with. There are loads of tourists here, but beautiful churches and architecture are impressive lit up at night. Dancing was fun and the boys insisted on not letting me pay for my drinks, which I argued with at first before graciously accepting. Everything here is pretty cheap, as the Polish Zloty is about 3:1 to my U.S. Dollar, which means that instead of having to watch how many drinks I order, I can for once be more relaxed about it which is nice. Although I had gotten some sleep on the train earlier, I was pretty wiped by around 3:30 AM and ready to head back. The guys were still going strong, but one of them was nice enough to walk me back to the hostel, which I really appreciated-there's no way I would've found it myself. People with a good sense of direction are definitely on my good side!

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Catching Daniel off-guard...perhap…
Catching Daniel off-guard...perha…
photo by: vulindlela