Two and a half years later, and I've booked my tickets!

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I never (well almost) check my myspace, but I did the other day, and found my blog about traveling the world for 6 months. It was a dream, something I wrote about, not thinking it would actually happen. I've learned to not underestimate the power of dreams...

This week I finally booked my plane tickets! There's really no turning back now-Please excuse the bold font, I'm really, really excited. I'm surprised friends and coworkers haven't told me yet to shut up about my plans. Some say they're jealous, others just tell me to be careful. My mom says I don't have a healty sense of fear. Eh, fear shmear... I'll be fine! I graduated from CSULB with my bachelors in Psychology in May, broke up with the college boyfriend, and bit the bullet-moving in with mom and dad to save the money I'll need for 6 months. I must admit this took a bit of talking to myself to do-I've had the pleasure of living with fantastic roomates the past four years. Working my butt off with two serving jobs, studying/taking the GRE, and applying for grad school has taken up quite a bit of time, (all so fantastically put on the backburner for periods of time when I immerse myself into TB) but will be sooo worth it when I get on that plane for London March 10th. Yup...less than 3 months! Woot! (Thanks to my best friend Sara for that fantastic word)

I've already taken care of my shots, (typhoid taken in vain, as Africa is no longer on the list-for this trip at least!) but back to the doctor tomorrow to get my anti malarials and some sort of antibiotics just in case I get that dreaded tonsilitus I'm blessed with so often. *So stoked about paying hundreds of dollars for all this* (note heavy sarcasm)-I will gladly nominate someone for some sort of fantastic prize if they can come up with a simple vaccine instead of pills, any taker?

Anyway, my grad school apps should all be in this week, then I can focus on planning the rest of my trip! My big dilema right now-deciding where the heck to go in Thailand in only 2 weeks-I feel like I could spend months there, thanks to all you fellow TB's who have posted so many amazing blogs and pics on it...


anupa_rk says:
Have a fantastic time!
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
Willy2009 says:
Great decision to move ahead !!!
Posted on: Dec 30, 2009
livelovelaugh87 says:
Thanks guys! I'll definitely keep you all posted :)
Posted on: Dec 23, 2009
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