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I haven't been given a bath since I was 5 years old, and it definitely wasn't like the one I had today! I didn't feel like I could leave Turkey without a proper Turkish bath, so I signed up for a super cheap all day boat tour tomorrow, which conveniently came with a free trip to the baths. Of course they tried to sell me a massage with it, and I felt bad declining, but I am on a bit of a backpackers budget and $15 seemed a bit steep for just 10 minutes. The lady tried to convince me with a lowered price, but I just wasn't having it.

The bath experience was interesting though. After a while softening up in the sauna, I was sent to the bath room where all the marble is heated, with seats around the circumference of the circle, and a giant round stone in the middle. I was told to sit, then water was thrown all over me from a bucket and I was scrubbed down with this rough glove thing, watching layers of skin being stripped off my entire body. I felt so dirty and so clean at the same time. After having water tossed all over me again, I was motioned to lay down on the big circular stone.

I couldn't figure out how to lay though, and our conversational skills were fairly poor with the language barriers, so several awkward positions later, she resorted to moving me to where she needed me to be in the first place. She took this thing that looked a bit like a pillow case, dipped it in soapy water, then whirled it around til it was foaming and filled with air and wiped me down with it, giving me a proper sudsy experience. I can't quite describe it, but it felt as if I was being lathered up with a cloud if that makes any sense at all. Then a bubble massage as I tried to stop her, worried that she was going to charge me though I'd declined the massage part. More water and it was off to change, then the driver took me home again-this time a lady getting in the car.

She started asking me all sorts of questions, but what irked me a bit was when I told her how long I was traveling for, her response was "Ah, your father must be very rich!" and wouldn't accept the fact that I worked my booty off with two jobs to pay for every penny of this adventure, which I'm rather proud of-it just wouldn't be the same if this was all just given to me. I was excited to meet Alec when I got back to the hostel, a guy who just got here today to work at the hostel. He's from New Zealand and is pretty fantastic. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and dancing-the night life is pretty cool here, though very touristy and pricey, which led us to splitting a bottle of terrible vodka and Fanta on the beach before we went out. Ah, good times!

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photo by: wanderingluster