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Writing this now, I have to think for a moment to remember what day it is; what's happened in the last 24 hours feels like it must have been days, but alas it's only Sunday. Today was epic, truely epic, and I find myself wondering how it's really possible for life to be this great right now. After packing all my stuff into my pack the night before (which ends up being about a 15 minute process every time-still figuring out how to best organize everything) I woke up way too early for life.

It was 4:50 AM and I was dead tired and nervous about making it to the airport on time, scared that I may of somehow forgotten something important at Matt's place. I had looked up which bus takes me to the Baker Station where I was supposed to catch the National Express to Stansted for my flight to Porto and conveniently enough, the N74 goes there right from outside Roehampton.

Sweet! But hold your horses before you get excited about my luck-that would have been all fine and dandy if that particular bus was still running. It wasn't. Hmmmm. I may be screwed as I had already been waiting for a bus for an hour and none had come...

I feel like God's got my back though, as an English girl walked up, and after discovering she was going to Stansted too, but from the Victoria station and on the 265, I decided to just head that direction with her; I'd already missed the bus I'd booked the night before, and paying 10 extra quid wouldn't kill me. So we waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. Theeeen called a taxi. I was NOT going to miss this flight!

Finally at the airport, I checked in without a hitch and got settled in my oh-so-comfortable Ryanair seat (slight sarcasm you'll understand if you've flown with them), and tried to sleep through a flight as the drink cart was pushed up and down the aisle several times; to my dismay as I didn't have any change to buy one (so used to not paying for them on every other airline, worth it though when you see how cheap flying with them is) and I was absolutely parched so this was pure torture.

And when I say parched, I don't just mean the 'I'm kinda thirsty, I could use a drink right now,' kind of thirsty, I mean the 'I can barely swallow my mouth is so dry,' kind of thirsty. Thus, I have decided that I really need to invest in a water bottle.

Stepping out of my plane, I couldn't believe that I was actually in Portugal. This is so cool! And the weather was absolutely beautiful to boot! Getting through customs wasn't terrible, but the guy asked me where I was staying. Easy. Then he asked to see proof that I was staying there. Um, I'm kinda living with nothing but what's on my back at the moment, and I decided to leave the printer at home so I'd have space for my clothes, sorry. And no, I didn't actually say this out loud to him, but I was definitely thinking it.

I guess it would be a good idea to try and print out reservations when heading to new countries. He let me through with a short lecture. Lesson learned.

On the bus I pulled out my huge tourist map that the kind lady at the information desk had marked the spot my hostel was in, as well as where the bus went. Attempting to talk to the bus driver was difficult, as he didn't speak English much, and I found myself just giving in and saying 'ok.' Two seconds later, another guy did the exact same thing as me; turns out that we were staying at the same hostel together. Nice! Now I don't have to get lost alone! And get lost is exactly what we did for the next hour and a half. The map that we'd been given only gave the names of major streets, and every local we asked for directions was very friendly, giving us directions.

..in Portuguese. After several attempts to find the Steps House, we gave in and called a taxi, who delivered us just a minute later to the bottom of, you guessed it, LOTS of steps. Probably around 200 and steep up a hill. Our backs were hurting and my new friend was struggling with not only a backpack, but a huge suitcase as well, as he was studying there for the next four months.

Two hours after our arrival into Porto and we finally made it, greeted by an American guy at the door. Turns out he's lived in the Granite Bay area in CA, same place I grew up. Small world. My new friend from Turkey and I skipped a much needed nap and walked down to the beach, loving every second of it, then came back after sunset with wine and groceries. Then came the Wii sports. Not gonna lie, I've always wanted to try this interactive game, and it was finally my chance, and with beer that the Germans had brought in called Super Boc, supposedly the Bud Light of Portugal.

But why stop at playing games when you're only in town for one night? The American who was working there was off at midnight, and agreed to go out on the town for a few drinks with the Germans and me. A small outdoor bar overlooking the river, a shot, a few beers, and good company ended my almost too amazing day!



livelovelaugh87 says:
Glad you enjoyed it jojoca - Porto was a beautiful city. Hope youre having fun in Amsterdam!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2012
jojoca says:
I hope you had enjoyed your stay in Porto as much I enjoyed reading this story. I'm from Porto living in Amsterdam and I truly miss my hometown. Cheers
Posted on: Jul 26, 2012
livelovelaugh87 says:
Posted on: Jul 08, 2011
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