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Yeah...we couldn't resist being dorks

'Dad,' as we've been calling him, made us a fantastic breakfast of cheese, salami, and all sorts of bread and doughnuts to start us off on the right foot before we headed off to the bus station. I've never been on a bus that had so many stops as the one to Split, one of them being only about 30 minutes into the trip, which we were told would be for a good 30 minutes. Deciding to walk around for a bit, we wandered to the back of the building and found...bears? Yup, definitely two bears all caged up in a smallish area. I felt terrible for them-to have to look at the mountains and trees and not be able to get there would just be terrible. Further on, there were all sorts of goats, rams, and even raindeer.

View from the tower

Inside the restaurant I hear Aimee, 'Guys, you've got to come over here!' Wondering what she was so excited about, I turned the corner to find loads of different stuffed and preserved wildlife. I've seen this before, but what was weird about this display, was that the animals were posed as if they were playing cards, chess, etc. It was soon time to head back to the bus, which finally got us into Split around 6 in the afternoon.

We had no idea where we were going to stay, my first time arriving in a city like this, but that problem was solved as soon as we stepped off the bus when a man in his sixties held up a sign advertising Sobe, which I've found must mean 'bed,' or something of the sort. After a few dubious looks from the rest of us girls, McKayla looked at the map of where the apartment was, and decided that since it was in walking distance and we didn't have to get in a car, we should check it out.

It ended up being simple with two rooms and no kitchen, but worked just fine.

Walking around the old city walls and center was great-the whole thing has this really genuine feel to it, plus loads of shoe stores and pizza shops. Above all, pizza shops and 'fast food' restaurants seem to be the big thing here, not sure why, but it all looked delicious. After walking up the bell tower of the church and taking pictures of the breathtaking views we were on a mission to find dinner; pasta more specifically. The seaerch for pasta was a bit of a failure, but we did eventually find a nice place by the water. I just had bread since I'd already blown my budget for the day, but the waiter was rude to all of us. He was impatient to take our order, then didn't say a single word to us after he dropped off the food. A different waiter even took care of our bill for us. Ah drives me crazy when I get crappy/nonexistant service, especially being a server myself!

We ended the night with a drink at a small bar and settled happily into bed. Not too shabby!

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Yeah...we couldnt resist being do…
Yeah...we couldn't resist being d…
View from the tower
View from the tower
Sunset from the clocktower-word of…
Sunset from the clocktower-word o…
Love it :)
Love it :)
McKayla got scared half way up...d…
McKayla got scared half way up...…
photo by: EmEm