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A piece of art or a gingerbread house? (or both!)

'I hate you for drinking last night,' my body told me this morning. 'I'm sorry, but this is Barcelona, famed for some of the best night life in the world. I had to,' I try to reason with myself. Nonetheless, drinking vodka, then a splitting a pitcher of beer, was possibly not the best idea in the world. Forgot that I don't drink often anymore and can't handle as much. Lesson learned. At around 11 AM, I woke up not wanting to leave bed for the rest of the day, and the idea of food made me sick to my stomach. After deciding that I just couldn't go out for a few more hours, Ashley popped into my room and asked if I wasnted to go out with her and McKenzie today.

A...dedgerido?? Not sure how you spell that
And of course I couldn't say no-this was Barcelona after all, and famous for more than just the nightlife.

Soon we were on the metro. It was gently swaying as it went around curves, a motion I normally liked. But today it was one stop, two stop, three stop...'hey guys, we need to get off here,' I say as I try my hardest not to be sick. Running to the nearest trashcan, I grace it with what was left of my dinner last night. Lovely. Not to mention embarassing. When I was finished I looked up to see a giant security guard lady coming towards me-to check if I was ok? I wasn't sure, and became even less sure as she asked me for my passport and wrote down my information. All I could think of was that I was in trouble, but in Catalon she explained to McKenzie that there were cameras so she just needed documentation in case someone asked.

Almost impossible to get a pic with just the lizard-popular little guy!
She says I look pale and I try to get across that I had gotten motion-sickness, not mentioning the part that I'd had a drink or five last night.

Apparently worried about me, she asks where we are headed and literally gets on the train with me, shouting across the car to the other security guards what had happened. So now the entire (full) train knows what I just did. As is life I guess. After a few funny looks, we reach our destination, the Park Guelle, a collection of buildings, market areas, and houses that Guadi had designed. These ginger-bread like buildings had me fascinated and made me wonder where he got all his glass from. At times, he even used kitchen glassware, which I thought was really interesting. After that we wandered down to a district where mostly just locals hang out, in search for authentic tapas.

So many tiles! Can't imagine how hard it was to do this work on the ceiling.
On our way, we came across a square that was sort of like a big flea market. As I see more of these in different cities, I wonder why exactly people would buy something like really worn rag dolls or tacky, broken watches, but the whole thing is still fascinating and cool to see the local culture come out.

The last stop was to be La Sagrada Familia and although it had started to rain, I was crazy excited. This cathedral designed by Guadi is probably the most unique in the world, and I'd been wanting to see it ever since we learned about it in Spanish class when I was in high school. I never forgot my teacher telling us that Guadi's fatal move was stepping backwards in the street to survey his work, and being hit by a tram. The irony in it is crazy. The church was definitely the highlight of Barcelona for me, even though we didn't have the money to go inside.

Ashley and I split ways after this as she went home and I headed to the Estacion Franc to get my train ticket to Nice in the morning. After first being pointed in the wrong direction to the station, I finally found it, only to take a number and wait. I was next in line, but that really means nothing when the staff is on a 30 minute break. I must've literally just missed them by a minute or two, but as soon as they were back, I had my ticket and it was back to the hostel. Definitely time for a nap. Ashley asked me to go to this little Mexican place with her, and I gladly obliged; I could never turn down Mexican food, and it was time for some girl talk, as she'd decided to leave Alec, the guy she'd been traveling with, as he refused to stop being a jerk.

All in all, today was pretty cool, but sleep is much needed. It's off to Nice tomorrow!

mazuin says:
What a nice fulfilling day even after a bad hangover!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2011
sylviandavid says:
actually considering the beginning it was all in all a pretty productive day.....
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
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A piece of art or a gingerbread ho…
A piece of art or a gingerbread h…
A...dedgerido?? Not sure how you s…
A...dedgerido?? Not sure how you …
Almost impossible to get a pic wit…
Almost impossible to get a pic wi…
So many tiles! Cant imagine how h…
So many tiles! Can't imagine how …
My favorite :)
My favorite :)
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