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BEFORE I shoved (in an organized fashion) everything in my pack...let's see if it all fits!

It's 4:34 AM the day of departure, I haven't slept all night, and I'm trying to remember this morning (or I guess yesterday morning) at the moment, but to be honest, I just can't-it's been that long of a day!

(Pause as I'm still trying to remember)

Right, so basically last minute details-redoing my taxes since they didn't get accepted last time, correcting info to get financial aid for grad school in the Fall, calling friends to say goodbye, etc. Last night about 12 of us went to Pete's Brass Rail & Carwash (no rail or carwash in sight, but fantastic beer). There was a toast to my arriving home alive, and demands that I update them often, or they'll worry I've died or something like that. I have too much life to live to die!

My mom insisted on coming with me to all my last errends today, then the three of us drove an hour up to Davis to meet my brother at Applebee's for some appetizers and last hugs-this is the longest I'll have ever gone without seeing my family! I'll be fine, but we'll just have to see how the good 'ol loving parents hold up.

Me 'n Mom :) Me being gone is gone to drive her crazy!
Mom insists I'll be putting her through hell while I'm in Asia, as she's looked up every warning possible about the region and is convinced something bad will happen to me.

Therefore.....the steps of every day (according to her) are this:

  1. Research all the bad things that have happened in the next city you are going to, before you get there
  2. Make sure you're always with someone or a group while you're traveling (hhmmm we'll see how well that one works out, as I'm traveling solo!)
  3. Register with the embassy the second you get to the country and email/call them EVERY day. If two days go by and they have not heard from me, they will contact the embassy. Seriously.
  4. Tell the hostel you're entire itinerary for the day (because of course I will know! :)

Alright, so to the near crisis part of the evening-I had everything laid out, all details taken care of.

Definitely going to miss the bro!
Then came the flaw in my plan. I packed my backpack with the daypack part not attached to the main part of the pack. Which meant that when I tried to attach them, I realized that in trying to carry on both my laptop and camera stuff, I made it bulge and it wouldn't zip. Whoops. Mild panic attack. At least I figured this out an hour and a half before we leave for the airport! With some quick thinking I rearranged everything, took a few things out, and smiled in utter relief when I was able to zip up the entire backpack.

What didn't make the cut?

  • sunglasses (Too bulky in the case-I'll live)
  • earplugs (Guess I'll get them as I go?)
  • teeny-tiny pillow thing
  • mocasin/thin slippers (I'm backpacking for goodness sake! Why'd I think I'd need them?)
  • pillow case (Eh, I'll live without a clean pillow case)

So now I'm dead tired, but all ready.

Yup, I planned on pay stubs, used envelopes, anything around when i had a great idea
And sooooooo excited! I've been wanting to go back to London since the day I left, almost 2 years ago-and I'll get to see my old roomate who married an English guy, another friend in my program who's working there now, my friend Matt who's studying there, and an Australian I went out with a few times while I was over there. Alright, time for the last 30 minute sleep I'll have in my bed until August 18th! Aahhh I can't believe I'm going!


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BEFORE I shoved (in an organized f…
BEFORE I shoved (in an organized …
Me n Mom :) Me being gone is gone…
Me 'n Mom :) Me being gone is gon…
Definitely going to miss the bro!
Definitely going to miss the bro!
Yup, I planned on pay stubs, used …
Yup, I planned on pay stubs, used…