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I could wake up to this more often!

We woke up even earlier for our dives this morning, catching a breathtaking sunrise on the walk down to the beach and were in the water by 7:15 to do the Liberty again. I don't know what the difference was, but the wreck impressed me even more this time around. We must've gone a different way around her, and since she's so split open, we got to go inside a bit more and even through some swim throughs. Another difference was that this time I was armed with a camera-after yesterday afternoon's dive at the drop-off, I couldn't resist paying the $35 dollars to rent an underwater camera for the day.

While photography is one of my biggest hobbies, taking pictures in the water proved to be a bit more difficult than I'd imagined. Since there was no external flash, I had to rely on the meek light that the one on the Canon offered, which still definitely yielded better results in the slightly darkish water at around 12 meters than using no flash.

Heading out for the first dive of the day.
On that dive, as well as our second and last dive at a site called Coral Gardens, I was able to get a few good shots, but what I came away with that I'm most pleased with are the videos I took underwater. Our divemaster even took my camera for a minute to film us going through a swimthrough which was pretty cool.

Even though Coral Gardens had less coral that I would have thought, we saw some pretty cool fish and were rewarded by some red and white shrimp hanging out just by a Moray Eel hiding under a rock. Our native guide signaled for us to watch him before starting to 'play' with the shrimp, getting them to walk all over his fingers and even into his mouth-crazy man! We also saw several blue-spotted sting rays and a red octopus hiding under a rock, which definitely made the dive worth it.

I can't decide if they're creepy or cool. (Both?)

After breakfast and another trip to Amed, Jon and I spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool, me still in awe at just how gorgeous our view from the villa is; at just $65 a night, this place is definitely a bargain for what it's worth. I headed to bed around 8:30 as we had plans to climb Ganung Anung at 1 AM in order to see the famed sunrise. I was a bit disappointed though that about an hour into our fairly steep ascent, I started to get light headed and had to head back to the base-I shouldn't have tried climbing when my body was recovering from being sick, but I just couldn't resist. Lesson learned though.

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I could wake up to this more often!
I could wake up to this more often!
Heading out for the first dive of …
Heading out for the first dive of…
I cant decide if theyre creepy o…
I can't decide if they're creepy …
photo by: Deats