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I'm in London again and it feels amazing-I swear there's something about the air here, the city just feels so alive, even as I'm sitting righting this here on the underground. I have a while to go on the Piccadilly line from Heathrow to Russel Square, where I took classes at the University of London, and just hearing that "mind the gap" sounds like magic to my ears right now.

I wish I could find some magic way to lighten my pack on that note. It takes about three swings and a grunt, along with my arm out to steady myself, as I get this big 'ol thing on my back. Packing "light" for 6 months on two different continents, over two different seasons is difficult I found. Although I brought little compared to what many would think necessary, I'm pretty sure it's my camera equipment that's weighing me down, but there's no way I could do without it. What having a camera in my hand while I travel does to me, I can't really describe. I guess the best way to understand would be to browse through my photos, or better yet to see the thousands upon thousands more on my computer that are just for me.

I thought of trying to drop my pack off at the AIFS office where I studied two years ago until Matt got out of class, but I took a gamble that he might not be in class yet, and that I could drop it off right away. Lcuky me-when I got to the campus and called him, he definitely wasn't in class-didn't even sound awake to be honest. After a hug when he came down to reception to get me, he admitted that he hardly ever goes to class. Each to his own I guess? I got quite an interesting, um...surprise when we got up to his room.

A calender. But this was definitely no ordinary calender. What I haven't explained yet is that my friend is on Roehampton's rugby team, and that the team is rather fond of nudity. Twelve pages of completely naked, oiled up men was my glorious greeting to the school. I'll sign it for you if you'd like, he offered. Oh Goody. After settling in we grabbed some lunch at a hole in the wall place on campus with his two best mates here, also on the team. The meal was my further schooling of antics that go on at this school, usually involving alcohol, sex, romps in the woods, or moving bedroom furniture into the kitchen and vice versa. I felt like it was freshman year all over again listening to these stories, but understood a little better when I learned that most of the campus was filled with freshmen and sophomores.

After a much needed nap (on sheets I later learned had been the host to over thirty girls-gross) Matt and I met up with his flatmate and her sister who were visiting, and headed over to Putney for some drinks at Wahoo's. With pints at only 1.50 pounds each, we weren't shy about drinking, and played a few drinking games before heading out to the dance floor, where I met three brothers, one of which I hit it off with. When he asked for my number at the end of the night he didn't believe me that I didn't yet know my number (promise I didn't) and was skeptical when I had Matt give it to him. We arrived home late at night to a lovely text from him: This is Todd. You are seriously hot. Oooohh boys. Time to sleep on the couch as Matt brought home his flatmates sister. Can I say big surprise?

Can't wait for tomorrow!

myangel037 says:
:) I know what you mean about the camera... although I'm happy with a mini powershot. I'm excited for photos! Hoorah!
Posted on: Mar 12, 2010
silenthillover says:
Hey girl you should have let me know you were in London! Glad you are having a good time though :) If you need anything at all just let me know. Looking forward to reading all about your amazing adventure.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2010
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