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Emptying the entire contents of my pack into various storage areas of Baris's motorcycle, it was time to say good-bye to my gracious host, and start the next part of my adventure with Chris, the Aussie. The people at his hostel were really chill and let me keep my stuff there for the day until our bus ride to Cappadocia. We spent the day walking around various gardens and more of the Grand Bazaar, where he haggled with a shop owner for a backgammon board. 'I fell fast and hard for this game' he tells me as he opens it up at a cafe near the Hagia Sofia. In an attempt to teach me over some famed apple tea, which are served in these tiny tulip shaped/shot-glass looking things, the owner of the cafe comes out and insists on playing with him, which sort of helped me learn the game. I quite like it actually!

Being a Muslim country where most people drink tea instead of alcohol, Chris thought it might be a bit more difficult to find some for our night bus ride, but once we figured out they sell it in the same little corner stores they sell cigarettes in, it was pretty easy, and we settled on a bottle of Istanblue vodka (very catchy name) and Fanta, which we mixed together in smaller water bottles to entertain ourselves on the trip, which ended up consisting of dubbing our own stories over Turkish soap operas we couldn't understand a word of, making up catchy slogans for Istanblue, such as See what Istanblue can do for you! Istanblue can ease your night bus ride too! Anything's possible with Istanblue! Yeah, we're dumb, I know, but we were bored and the ride was terribly uncomfortable. I think I got a total of two hours of sleep the entire time, but whatever-Cappadocia should be worth it!

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photo by: Memo