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View from my room

Floating down the Vang Vieng, staring up at the towering limestone cliffs and fluffy white clouds dotting the sky, I can't help but think that this is absolute bliss. I actually went as far as to think that if heaven makes me even half this happy I just may burst or something. I may have gotten the slowest tube of the lot or I keep catching the wrong current-either way I'm drifting farther and farther away from my Dutch and Irish friends, all three traveling solo as well; probably a good thing though as I keep randomly laughing out loud to myself-not because anything is funny, but simply because I'm dileriously happy-I've stayed away from the "happy pizzas" and mushroom shakes so this must be what they mean by being that corny saying 'High on life.

Looks deserted? Everyone's either asleep, tubing, or watching reruns of Friends during the day

We didn't get tubing until almost three in the afternoon since we all accidentally slept until one, but the bars along the river all containing whickey buckets, shots, young guys with incredible aim who hurl a rope connected to a 7-UP bottle to tow you and your tube in, and swings that had people flying thirty feet in the air before catapulting into the murkey river water. There was a rumor going around that the river was so filthy with sewage that people were getting pink eye, which was thankfully dispelled by the friendly, laid-back Norwegian guy who runs our guesthouse and warned us to try to refrain from shaking hands with people as it's been going around town. No one seemed to be minding this at any of the bars along the river, all running around with a drink in hand, and most with phrases such as 'I'm pretending to be Swedish so I can be easy,' and 'If found, return to my Mum.

A daring fire limbo at the bucket bar

While I had a blast at the bars, I couldn't help but feel like at least two-thirds of the backpackers there wouldn't be legal to drink yet in the states, which made me feel a bit old for a fleeting second. While everyone raves about Vang Vieng for the mushroom shakes, Friends and Family guy reruns, and crazy party scene, I think that while I enjoyed the party part, floating down the river and soaking up the views was my favorite part of this city. Having said that, I hadn't crawled into bed until after 3 AM last night, having gotten into a long conversation with a guy from, well, I can't actually remember to be honest, but I think he was European at least.

Our bus from Luang Probang arrived in Vang Vieng around four in the afternoon, at which point the two Dutch girls from my ride and I decided to share a room right on the river at Nam Song Gardens.

The drunken masses come out at night
It has absolutely gorgeous views and I was immediately glad for my decision to not skip Laos, even though I'm running a bit short on time. I've seen way too many backpackers wearing the 'Tubing in the Vang Vieng' shirts to not try it out myself, and I'm stoked to be here.

Yesterday the Holland v Brazil game came up about every ten minutes, bringing us all clad in orange (well, everyone but me since I don't have any) to the Bucket Bar where we claimed our free whiskey bucket, only to rush out a few minutes later as the tv was still not set up properly and the big game was about to start. We ended up at the Aussie Bar where I was fairly amused at a big jock looking guy wearing an orangle dress and a straw hat. A quick question solved the mystery and we all wished him a happy birthday and got focused on the game.

Aaand the morning after
While I do enjoy rooting for my teams during the World Cup, I find that I get distracted from the game fairly easily and found myself getting tired and hoping that I could make it through the night.

With Holland winning with an exciting finish and some good action, I quickly got energized again as we stepped into the Q Bar and I started drinking and making random friends. It wasn't long before I lost the girls I'd come with, which had me worried as I was holding the key and I didn't want them to try to get in and not be able to. As soon as I found them we all returned the key to the reception of our guesthouse so we could all get in whenever we wanted to. With that settled we were back to the bucket bar, where I nursed a whiskey bucket to myself for the rest of the long night.

The cute kitties that live at our guesthouse
At one point I randomly started missing this guy that I used to date, which I believe is how I ended up talking to a guy who looked a bit like him for the next several hours, watching drunk people attempt to do the limbo under a flaming stick, and eventually hiding from the downpour that started flooding all the outdoor bars. When the rain finally stopped I headed back to my room and crashed, excited for today.

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View from my room
View from my room
Looks deserted? Everyones either …
Looks deserted? Everyone's either…
A daring fire limbo at the bucket …
A daring fire limbo at the bucket…
The drunken masses come out at nig…
The drunken masses come out at ni…
Aaand the morning after
Aaand the morning after
The cute kitties that live at our …
The cute kitties that live at our…
The awesome Dutch couple I met on …
The awesome Dutch couple I met on…
Vang Vieng
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